Glossary of Literary Terms for AP Lit and Lang

112 terms By nelafoster Teacher

AP Lit/Comp Lit Terms Kabourek

67 terms By akabour Teacher

Pre-AP Lit Terms 1

27 terms By jcothran Teacher

AP Lit and Comp Summer term list

142 terms By abbyschatz

AP Lit & Comp Literary Devices and Terms

176 terms By thomuhl73

AP Lit & Comp Lit Terms List #1

14 terms By jessicamauch

Literary Terms for AP Lang and Comp Exam

148 terms By brooke_levy

AP Lit Terms Set 3

16 terms By bridgetangelina Teacher

AP Lit & Comp Essential Knowledge

113 terms By borger-germann

3. AP Lit General Terms

31 terms By mcruzbentley Teacher

AP Lit&Comp Terms

126 terms By splitinfives

Common AP lit terms

71 terms By AnnaMurphy

AP Lit Terms Quiz 2

68 terms By bigbenf97

AP Lit Terms set 6

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AP Lit Terms

34 terms By vrichards2015

AP Lit+ Comp/Lang+Comp terms

34 terms By animequus

Blakely AP Lit & Comp Terms

83 terms By SGesick

AP lit. and Comp terms

75 terms By shannen_hansen

AP Lit Terms 1-25

25 terms By ksagritalo Teacher

AP Lit & Comp: Literary Terms

100 terms By kate_vanpelt

AP Lit Terms Set 5

15 terms By bridgetangelina Teacher


143 terms By handm1 Teacher

AP Lit Summer Work Terms

62 terms By TheBlackAlex

AP Lit&Comp: Glossary of Literary Terms

35 terms By tophiesate7

AP Lit&Comp literary terms and devices

43 terms By msives888


76 terms By beachgrl94

AP Lit and Comp terms

95 terms By jacsmi

3. AP Lit General Terms English

31 terms By mcruzbentley Teacher

AP Lit & Comp lit terms

43 terms By nothing55555

AP Lit and Comp Terms

62 terms By NinaByskosh

AP Lit/Comp Terms (Part One)

95 terms By Anna_Trousdale

AP Lit and Comp Literary Terms

76 terms By klimpn14

Ap Lit/Comp

96 terms By UsernameApathy

AP Lit Veeder's Vocab

100 terms By msveeder

AP Lit+Comp: Essential Poetry Terms

51 terms By kaitlyngeek

AP Lit. and Comp. Terms

124 terms By austin_wei

AP Lit & Comp Terms D-

43 terms By skiingrocksap

AP Lit and comp terms

45 terms By mschlaich

AP Lit & Comp Terms 3

20 terms By FanessaPiper

Ap Lit & Comp Literary Terms List 1 & 2

46 terms By jjanak

AP Lit/Comp Lit Terms List

44 terms By katherin_aguilar

AP Lit&Comp Terms

110 terms By emileetaylor1

AP Lit & Comp 221-240

20 terms By mindyhunter Teacher

Pre-AP Lit. Terms 2

28 terms By jcothran Teacher

AP Lit. / Comp. 12 Semester Exam Terms

49 terms By tedsimmons

Summer Literary Terms Test AP Lit and Comp

78 terms By maggie_maccurdy

AP LIT AND COMP Set 4 Petrarchan-Voice

39 terms By chaozedong


63 terms By r5brown

AP Lit and Comp Exam- Literary Terms

109 terms By mkauper

AP LIT/Comp Lit Terms

69 terms By Softballjags25