Procedural Coding / Med Term Refresher

By lariks
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Diagnostic/Procedural Coding

By Sarah_Lucas18
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Procedural Coding Ch. 6 key terms

By jazzydiamond
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Procedural Coding Ch. 6 key terms

By cgedwards72
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Chapter 17 Procedure Coding Terms

By lauren81694
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Procedural Coding Chapter 4 Key terms

By ehammond1991
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Procedural Coding CPT and HCPCS

By lucianaschomer
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Procedural Coding

By Bianka_Morla
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Procedural coding CPT and HCPCS

By lucianaschomer
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Procedural Coding

By mcrawford101418
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Chapter 5 Procedural Coding

By wstallings
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By mindy_wooten3
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Chapter 17 Procedural and diagnostic coding

By lfitz103
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Chapter 19 Key Terms Procedure Coding

By sddslade
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Ch. 13 procedural Coding and Insurance Terms Quiz

By Raechel007
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Chapter 15; Outpatient Procedural Coding

By MartinezCynthia
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procedure coding

By misstion
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Procedural Coding Review

By taralynn09
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Procedural Coding, Chapter 6

By grisemo1
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By AbriaRedmond
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Done Key Term Ch.19 Procedure Coding

By jenic_gib
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Procedural & Diagnostic Coding

By farixox
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Procedure Coding

By patricia_s_looney
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Procedural Coding Anesthesia Review - Chapter 12

By tcurry58
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Diagnostic coding and Procedure coding

By MashaiK
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Procedural Coding: CPT

By amanda_tonyan
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CH 8-Coding Procedures & Services-Key Terms

By leaharris101
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ICD-10 Procedural Coding

By Lynda_Kludt
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Procedure Coding

By sweetlady_love1
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Procedural Coding - CPT

By happyeducator
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Procedural Coding CPT : Unit 8 Exam

By tcurry58
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MA - Procedural Coding

By b_stevenson12
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understanding Procedural Coding: Appendix

By Latasha_Porche
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Procedural Coding - CPT

By DixieDeve
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Coding Procedures

By stephaniesuri19
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Ch. 6 Procedural Coding

By casey_boadway
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Procedural Coding: CPT

By EmmaBelle1992
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Procedure Coding

By Marie_Bybee3
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Procedural Coding - CPT

75 terms by LITRED

Procedural Coding Chapter 5

By tamara1989
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Procedural Coding Chapter 1

By erinjodie143
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The Basics of Procedural Coding

By cgaudette2
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Procedure Coding Chapter 17 Terms and Questions

By Mariah_Flask
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chapter 5 procedural coding

By marquezs93
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Chapter 6 Procedural Coding

By Iza_Zeo
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Diagnostic Coding/ Procedure Coding

By Adeline_Curiel
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diagnostic coding/ procedure coding

By Brenda_Montalvo7
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Procedural Coding chapter 5

By elieruiz89
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Procedural Coding: Chapter 1

By elbon0318
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