U6 French Verbs - Regular Present -IR Verbs

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French Vocabulary Verbs - IR

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The Verb Ir

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Así se dice - Chapter 3 - Verbs (IR & -ar)

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French verb conjugation ir ending

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Regular verbs -ir

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Spanish 1 Chapter 4a the verb IR, more places and activities

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The verb IR and Places

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Common French Verbs: -er, ir, re

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HS C.4 - AR conjugations and the verb IR

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Preterite -er/-ir regular verbs & ir & ser

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The verb "ir" AND "ir" + a + infinitive:

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The Verb ir

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Ir: forms of the verb "to go"

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French Irregular verbs ir ending

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El verbo IR - The verb IR (to go)

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Regular -IR French Verbs

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Sp 1 Unit 5 - the verb 'to go' - ir

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verbes ir

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Ir: Practice the verb "to go"

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HS C.4 - AR verbs and the verb IR

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ER Verbs, IR Verbs, and Extra Vocabulary

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4A the verb Ir: to go

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verbes -IR (images)

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French Verb Conjugation Endings ER/IR/RE

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The verb IR & vocab

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LES INFINITIFS - les verbes IR

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Conjugating the verb jugar and the verb ir.

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Les Verbes -ir

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Ir French verbs

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Verbs -ir

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Future tense the verb IR

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Regular AR Verbs + Ir and Jugar (present tense)

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Verbes -IR

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Ir: Practice the verb "to go"

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SP1 Lesson A (#2), Ch. 3 verb: ir and others

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LE FUTUR PROCHE (va + infintif) les verbes IR

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