Yes, they are. No they are not.

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Grammar A1 - Yes, they are. No they are not.

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Yes, they are. No they aren't.

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Yes, they are. No they aren't. Speaking Test 4/5

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Beginner It's a/They are

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Chapter 2: Ecosystems: What they are

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They think, therefore they are

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NSCA CSCS Tests: their name and what they are for* (updated 2/7)

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They are dancing!

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Drugs names & what they are used for:

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IVAN CAPP - Identify what they are and what they do


List of adjectives and how they are modified

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Hangul Characters: hopefully they are correct?!?!

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siblings (how old they are)

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Ch 15 The Sixties: "The Times They are a Changin" EOC

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Characters(who they are)

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Gods and Goddess; what they are in charge of

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There is/are - It is/they are

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Into Thin Air Characters (who they are)

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Some nouns look plural but they are in fact singular

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Talking about classroom objects and where they are located

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My answers from Comp Cardio Review from Hernanez (don't know if they are correct)

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Unit C science people and what they are known for

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17.3 There is / There are / They are

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I am, you are, he / she / it is, we are, you are , they are. "To be"

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siblings (how old they are)

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Some nouns look singular but they are in fact plural

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The Characters of what they are and what they did

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Erupe map text: where they are

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CELEBS- movies that they are in

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They, They are, vowel harmonies

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Deportes: What you need/Where they are played

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They Are On

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Asking someone where they are from

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organelle and where they are

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They are so retro! (RETROVIRIDAE)

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S.S. USA States and their capitals and where they are in the map

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people and what they are like

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Characters and Where they are in the Bible

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They are different

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In Europe auto sales are low, but they are rising.

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