Yes, they are. No they are not.

56 terms By lavenantr Teacher

people and what they are like

8 terms By sab1204 Teacher

Yes, they are. No they aren't.

56 terms By friedenson

Formula Italiano 1 Chapter 3 Greetings and asking someone how they are

18 terms By MoodyR Teacher

They think, therefore they are

24 terms By Saerona_Kim Teacher

What people like to do and what they are like

74 terms By herha

siblings (how old they are)

21 terms By FrauMatuszak Teacher

Asking people how they are

9 terms By jacquipavey

I am, you are, he / she / it is, we are, you are , they are. "To be"

8 terms By ChasHolmes Teacher

Health Chapter-Places, people, and items that help a person when they are sick

22 terms By rodek

There is/are - It is/they are

15 terms By tonyinrak Teacher

Describing people and asking/saying how old they are

38 terms By Predaking2000

List of adjectives and how they are modified

12 terms By karinereed Teacher

Hormones and How they are Regulated

23 terms By kimhansen2015 Teacher

Alphabet of Quizlet Usernames of People I Know Who They Are

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Terms/people And How They Are Significant

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People in Psychology (Who they are and what they did)

30 terms By Alyssa_Kowald

les parties du corps --l'examen 11/2/2014--(remember the three accents and which accents they a…

26 terms By llmayleswells Teacher

NSCA CSCS Tests: their name and what they are for* (updated 2/7)

35 terms By quizlette27348

Ser-To be (describing people and to say where they are from)

16 terms By Lauren_Lands

Asking someone where they are from

9 terms By dreffsm Teacher

los lugares- Where do people go and where are people located?

20 terms By ccassu Teacher

Chapter 2: Ecosystems: What they are

58 terms By MrBushong Teacher

Famous people/what they are famous for

32 terms By morganhs

Unit 1. - 3 I can say how I am and ask others how they are doing

14 terms By senorpaulus Teacher

To ask people what they are like


People and who they are

21 terms By mintlemonade

ser "to be" - Saying who it is: Subject pronouns and the verb ser (Use ser to say who peop…

13 terms By GulfCoastPoPo

siblings (how old they are)

21 terms By FrauMatuszak Teacher

Tricolore 1 (Unit 7)-Places in town and saying exactly where they are

35 terms By lespommes

old testament: people and who they are

25 terms By diamondgirl14

asking people how they are

12 terms By monte17137

Ch 15 The Sixties: "The Times They are a Changin" EOC

33 terms By CrossofGold Teacher

17.3 There is / There are / They are

13 terms By Ipractice Teacher

French: where people are going, where they are coming from, directions and talking about future plans

16 terms By lilymcenerney

People and who they are

6 terms By alpalwini

asking people how they are italian

14 terms By sophiadicioccio

They, They are, vowel harmonies

59 terms By SultanimAtaturk

they are names of people

9 terms By shakayla

Renaissance people and what they are most famous for

21 terms By mstover04

Ask People How They Are

14 terms By eelymmas

The Name givin to the group of men who help the president. they are usually very smarrt and versed i…

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Realidades 1 - Cap. 2A - Subject Pronoun Practice: which would you use for these people when they ar…

17 terms By LaProfeG Teacher

Welcoming people and asking how they are

14 terms By NOELLE_LANE

Enlightenment People - What they are known for

8 terms By liadelmann04

Asking people how they are

9 terms By kdotelle

Chiedere alle persone come stanno - Ask people how they are

14 terms By rhuerta93

Classes, where they are, what they are

17 terms By KokoReilly

Ser= to be ( describing people & where they are from)

16 terms By Whitney_Baldwin

Grievances in the Declaration and How they are addressed in the Constitution

12 terms By mrothfeld1 Teacher