Fr2 U2.6 French Vocab - Time Expressions

33 terms By abosch Teacher

German: Time expressions and giving date

43 terms By Frau_DeVries Teacher

D.2 Zeit / Time expressions

38 terms By Frau_Hanson Teacher

Time Expressions

22 terms By ckomocki Teacher

Time expressions lists 1, 2 and 3

45 terms By lluther Teacher

Time Expressions

35 terms By jessicatgs Teacher

Time expressions

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Capítulo 1B - Saber/conocer & Hace + time expressions)

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Spanish 3 - OA#21 - El Cuento (Time Expressions)

36 terms By robmatWilson Teacher

Time expressions

30 terms By GMChambers Teacher

Top 40 Time Expressions

40 terms By lizcoward Teacher

Preterit or Imperfect Time Expressions

40 terms By erussman Teacher

Time Expressions

15 terms By Schaefer22 Teacher

Key Time Expressions

35 terms By mrverney Teacher

Portuguese Phrases - Time Expressions

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Past time expressions

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GCSE German - Time Expressions

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Unit 7 Preterite Time expressions

11 terms By maywaltspan2 Teacher

Time expressions (German)

34 terms By SusanneWinchester Teacher

Turkish - Time Expressions

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D'Accord 3.1 Time expressions frequently used in the passé composé

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Deutsch 1 - Kapitel 5 & 6 - Time Expressions

29 terms By HerrStoller Teacher

Telling Time Expressions

34 terms By Suca98 Teacher

Spiel und Spaß Time Expressions

30 terms By hmsipe Teacher

Time expressions

13 terms By HerrSherry Teacher

GCSE French time expressions

41 terms By stephenm Teacher

German Time Expressions

73 terms By Himosaad

D.1 Freizeit Vokabel - time expressions

18 terms By Frau_Hanson Teacher

Sp. 2-Healthy habits and Diet (1)+time expressions

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Time expressions EDEXCEL

78 terms By TomlinscoteSchool Teacher

preterit time expressions

23 terms By IMDFrau Teacher

Time expressions

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12 terms By VSCOAnimationAnglais Teacher

Time expressions

12 terms By BurgateMFL Teacher

Fr Other time expressions 1 (a-l)

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Other time expressions 1 (a-g)

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ASD2, 6: Time Expressions--Clues for Preterite and Imperfect

37 terms By HeilLL Teacher

time expressions

14 terms By edmundcarson Teacher

Time Expressions

11 terms By HerrGigler Teacher

Imperfect Time Expressions

21 terms By erussman Teacher

Unit 7 Imperfect Time Expressions

11 terms By maywaltspan2 Teacher

Avoir and some time expressions

25 terms By markavoss Teacher

Year 10 Japanese Millfieldschool Time expression

23 terms By kuizu Teacher

Time expressions: Then & Now

20 terms By Madame-Maro Teacher

Time Expressions

29 terms By GMChambers Teacher

Time Expressions

25 terms By Sr-Rocha Teacher

Quizlet 2 on time: D'accord Unit 2B Time EXPRESSIONS

34 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

3 - Time Expressions

38 terms By SraRuegnitz

Time Expressions Imperfect-Span III

20 terms By spanteacher Teacher

Promenades 2B - Days of the week & time expressions

29 terms By MadameHoman Teacher