F7.9 MUST / HAVE TO / HAVE GOT TO Practice 15F1

8 terms By VanWagnerL Teacher

Verbo tener - Verb to have

12 terms By senora_hanson Teacher

Introduction to Dutch - week 1 - grammar (irregular verbs: to be and to have)

19 terms By Intro_Dutch Teacher

Tener- to have (also for use when expressing age)

17 terms By lydialgrier Teacher

s'amuser = to have fun (present)

10 terms By Mr-Remy Teacher

Sp 1, 2.1 Tener (to have) (Present tense)

16 terms By LaProfeK Teacher

Tener - to have

36 terms By gcrowson Teacher

Tener que (To have to)

21 terms By vhmsspanish Teacher

Expo1 to have full paradigm

10 terms By MadameLagarde Teacher

to have and have not

26 terms By MmeFouhy Teacher

tener - to have

12 terms By mrsdawes Teacher

Prego Ch 4 "Dovere, potere e volere; dire, uscire e venire" (to have to, be able to, want,…

42 terms By alaspada Teacher

Venir de... = to have just done something

18 terms By MrsPokryfki Teacher

Avoir - to have

10 terms By tuppenyone Teacher

AVOIR - to have

51 terms By MmeChase Teacher

Basic irrregular verbs AVOIR TO HAVE

9 terms By gfbate Teacher

Avoir Verb (to have)

8 terms By TheLanguageProfessor Teacher

Unit 9. To Have: Present Tense.

24 terms By eun_lee7

AVOIR - to have

30 terms By mstaub

Avoir = To have

7 terms By MissCairnsBLS Teacher

Vouloir-To want Pouvoir-To be able Devoir-To have to

12 terms By Stonelaw Teacher

Auxiliary verb to have

9 terms By justinehorvath Teacher

to have, to be, to go

21 terms By mmcgregor10 Teacher

avoir-to have

32 terms By HoelleC Teacher

verb 'tener' - to have

15 terms By Miriam_Hidalgo Teacher


35 terms By Adan_Ayala7 Teacher

Tener- to have

9 terms By pagenp Teacher

TENER - To Have - stellanorfleet

76 terms By stellanorfleet Teacher

Avoir - To Have

12 terms By tbonnar Teacher

Avoir - the verb 'to have'

9 terms By davliv Teacher

Basic irregular verbs DEVOIR TO HAVE TO

9 terms By gfbate Teacher

AVOIR - to have

9 terms By MmeCooper Teacher

Spanish 1 - Tener - To Have

15 terms By senoreddy Teacher

Conjugating "TENER" to have

21 terms By mgimma Teacher

avoir - to have (present)

10 terms By Mr-Remy Teacher

to be and to have

14 terms By beardchr Teacher

Preterite of ESTAR & TENER ( to have)

44 terms By montoyajai Teacher

To have or not to have WSM

14 terms By mmekohler Teacher

Perrigo Sp. 1 Tener - to have

20 terms By profesoraana

U6 02 to have to-to miss

17 terms By Franz_Binder Teacher

Verbs to be - to have - to like - to live

20 terms By kilvington Teacher

Verb Tener- to have

9 terms By Guatemalamalacatan Teacher

to be and to have

18 terms By MmeFouhy Teacher

Tener = to have

13 terms By Patty_Moore1 Teacher

2.1 avoir "to have"

24 terms By ksevert02 Teacher

haben - to have Present tense

9 terms By Deppertt Teacher

Tener que- to have to, or must.

10 terms By demarcus_cullors Teacher

AVOIR / To Have

13 terms By maryse_peressin-hay Teacher

Iranians Hesitant to Have Kids

21 terms By brainrnd

Avoir - to have (to be or to feel with certain idiomatic expressions)

25 terms By Pam_Antonucci Teacher