Body Parts "medials" -to have a..."

128 terms By Terry_Brockie Teacher

F7.9 MUST / HAVE TO / HAVE GOT TO Practice 15F2

8 terms By VanWagnerL Teacher

Verbo tener - Verb to have

12 terms By senora_hanson Teacher

B21 Verb Tener (To Have)

5 terms By camlelel Teacher

VHMS Tener que (To have to)

21 terms By vhmsspanish Teacher

TENER: to have TENER QUE + infinitive: to have to

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El verbo TENER - quiere decir to have

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Tener = to have

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Basic irrregular verbs AVOIR TO HAVE

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AVOIR = to have

20 terms By kathy_abraham Teacher

Conjugating "TENER" to have

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To Have - Confusing Spanish Verbs - elkwv

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Verbs To be and To have

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Vouloir-To want Pouvoir-To be able Devoir-To have to

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DEVOIR - must, to have to

9 terms By LouiseCurtin Teacher

Basic irregular verbs DEVOIR TO HAVE TO

9 terms By gfbate Teacher

Spanish: TENER-to have verb

17 terms By martykirk Teacher

4. avoir - to have

7 terms By MmeAmbrose Teacher

Kids' Spanish - Tener (to have)

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to have to

40 terms By Hamish_Buchanan4

avoir - to have (present)

10 terms By Mr-Remy Teacher

Tener - to have

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Idioms with the verb "tener" (to have)

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Verbo "tener"/ Verb "to have"

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Expo1 to have full paradigm

10 terms By MadameLagarde Teacher

How to Have a Successful Yard Sale

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Tener que- to have to, or must.

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Avoir Verb (to have)

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Descriptions using forms of "tener" (to have)-

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Iranians Hesitant to Have Kids

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avoir - to have

7 terms By Angela_McMillan Teacher

avoir - to have

7 terms By Angela_McMillan Teacher

s'amuser - to have fun (passé composé)

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Sp 1, 2.1 Tener (to have) (Present tense)

16 terms By LaProfeK Teacher

TENER - to have

6 terms By jamoscoso Teacher

s'amuser = to have fun (present)

10 terms By Mr-Remy Teacher

haben - to have Present tense

9 terms By Deppertt Teacher

Expo2V 3.2 devoir (to have the duty to / must)

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to be / to have

18 terms By eseulin Teacher

to be, to have

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To have or not to have WSM

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Veke 13 - to have and has

10 terms By Ellingbv Teacher

French avoir-to have

28 terms By MmeMassey Teacher