TENIR - to hold

9 terms By LouiseCurtin TEACHER

Asking someone to hold

5 terms By meng53 TEACHER

Phrases to hold discussions

46 terms By SrLoseySpanish TEACHER

tenir (to hold)

9 terms By rene_caron5 TEACHER

Present tense - To hold & to come

20 terms By MmeBraud TEACHER

To hold-to leap

10 terms By Hildebe TEACHER

Hard to Hold Words

54 terms By popcornsd

Hard to hold words 2

49 terms By popcornsd

Tenir - to keep, to hold

19 terms By timothyware

Idioms - to hold

18 terms By cometenglish

To Have and to Hold

10 terms By Alexander_Reyes7

To had and to Hold

10 terms By natanael_maradiaga

To have and to Hold

10 terms By Ilsy_Aguilon

tenir - to hold Command forms

30 terms By frenchetc



Oceans To Hold More Plastic Than Fish by 2050

7 terms By jamesbrando TEACHER

English Something to Hold Vocab.

14 terms By SnowLeopard9

Tenere (to hold; to keep)

10 terms By helenlouise521

English Something to Hold Vocab

40 terms By allie3212

Tenir - to hold/to keep

9 terms By Anne9600

tenir - to hold - French subjunctive

10 terms By frenchetc

halten - to hold

5 terms By valerianella

Tain, ten, tent = to hold

10 terms By elkridge

tenir (to hold)

51 terms By perdita_stevens

To have and to hold

35 terms By ola93158

Something to Hold Vocab

40 terms By danielwood2004

hard to hold latin

46 terms By jenniejacobs1

Something to Hold Vocab.

40 terms By maryclaireanderson

tenir - to hold (present)

10 terms By Mr-Remy TEACHER

Tenir - To Hold

63 terms By flashcardswork

Hard to Hold Vocab

50 terms By HeffernanG

Tenir: to hold

60 terms By G_Hossofat

Something to Hold Vocabulary

40 terms By tejagadde

Something to Hold vocab

38 terms By sra2022

Kaufman Hard to Hold

36 terms By kaufmanl

Latin hard to hold words

37 terms By classo16

Latin Hard to hold Words

46 terms By Timmy-Turner

How to hold Tx session

46 terms By christian_ruiz7

Tener--to have, to hold

26 terms By lhclemns

To hold tenir

8 terms By nigelsimpson

To hold-to leap

10 terms By AnneMetteIbenfeldt TEACHER

English Vocab - Something to Hold - P1

14 terms By evieearnest03