Elements holdings

By colinsimon
16 terms by colinsimon

Case Holdings

By summersalazar
14 terms by summersalazar

Case Holdings

By dominique_italiano
14 terms by dominique_italiano

Touching and Holding

By ankipatel
10 terms by ankipatel

Holds and Citys

By MrAwesomeAKAElijaah
12 terms by MrAwesomeAKAElijaah

Touching and Holding

By Cooperhinel
10 terms by Cooperhinel

Hold Fast To Dreams

By jacob3182
8 terms by jacob3182

House holds

By Bavitha_Battipati
43 terms by Bavitha_Battipati

Colonial Holdings

By ReedyB
10 terms by ReedyB

Touching and Holding

10 terms by ALAN_OLIVER

tain, ten, tent = hold

By mslee_11
10 terms by mslee_11

Holds and Leads

By max_pena3
9 terms by max_pena3

Holding Times

By goblue1234321
59 terms by goblue1234321

Court Holdings

By klabranche
28 terms by klabranche

Hold Fast to Dreams vocabulary

By jenney_pauer9
8 terms by jenney_pauer9

Hold the Flag High

By misty1955
12 terms by misty1955

tenir - to hold (present)

10 terms by Mr-RemyTEACHER

Hold Fast to Dreams

By Linda_Tavizon
8 terms by Linda_Tavizon

holding company

By Anne_Kaufman7
27 terms by Anne_Kaufman7

The Holding Area

By edibug5
12 terms by edibug5

Hold Fast to Dreams

By Beth_Kirkwood
8 terms by Beth_Kirkwood

STARs and holding

By jill_gilmore
10 terms by jill_gilmore

Spanish (house hold chores)

By Karla_Landeros7
12 terms by Karla_Landeros7

Hold the Flag High

By ldortrait
10 terms by ldortrait

hold = tain, ten, tent

By phippseTEACHER
10 terms by phippseTEACHER

Hold fast to Dreams

By andrew5673
8 terms by andrew5673

Hold Fast to Dreams

By Shadowcat0
8 terms by Shadowcat0

Hold Fast to dreams

By kayla592
8 terms by kayla592

Hold Fast To Dreams

By summer080
8 terms by summer080

Holding Procedures

By hickerbocker
19 terms by hickerbocker

holding meetings

By robertbecker_
8 terms by robertbecker_

Hold the Flag High Vocabulary

By Eden_Lantz
10 terms by Eden_Lantz

tain, ten, tent=hold

By mstweedy5
10 terms by mstweedy5

tain, ten, tent = hold

By b5floyd
10 terms by b5floyd

Tain, ten, tent = hold

By Coach_Reese
10 terms by Coach_Reese

Irregular verbs FREEZE - HOLD

By jennikinnanen
10 terms by jennikinnanen

To Have and To Hold -Vocabulary-

By Sara_Velasquez40
10 terms by Sara_Velasquez40

tain, ten, tent (hold)

By kalzeeTEACHER
11 terms by kalzeeTEACHER

Hold the Flag High

By marisagon
12 terms by marisagon

Elementary. Hold - mean

By Ekaterina2857
10 terms by Ekaterina2857

Hold the Flag High

By forterecordsTEACHER
17 terms by forterecordsTEACHER

"Hold Fast to Dreams" vocab.

By esanchezorozco
11 terms by esanchezorozco

Holding Questions

By puma1021
15 terms by puma1021

Holding the line

By Amber_Zimmerman66
17 terms by Amber_Zimmerman66

hold fast to your dreams

By deerkiller5
8 terms by deerkiller5

Hold Fast to Dreams Vocabulary

By Jeannie_Sawyer
8 terms by Jeannie_Sawyer

EAL house hold tasks

20 terms by MsMacITEACHER

Know When To Hold Them

By Lydia_Alexander5
15 terms by Lydia_Alexander5

Hold fast to Dreams

By JacksonEvans1128
8 terms by JacksonEvans1128

holding foods

By dgage5
8 terms by dgage5