Hooked on TOEFL READING Week 1

By K_JaeHui
100 terms by K_JaeHui

Hooked on TOEFL Reading week9-2

By C_HyeMin
50 terms by C_HyeMin

Hooked on TOEFL iBT Reading

By namsub
18 terms by namsub

toefl (reading Intermediate) 1

By ZeenaLee
56 terms by ZeenaLee

TOEFL 80 - Reading - Unit 6

By Khanh_Nguyen89
10 terms by Khanh_Nguyen89

Master TOEFL Reading Inter_Question 7-9 / 63page

By khlee26yuTEACHER
32 terms by khlee26yuTEACHER

Master TOEFL Reading Inter_Questions 35-42 / 130-131

By khlee26yuTEACHER
37 terms by khlee26yuTEACHER

VOCA for Class 3

By shupinwang
25 terms by shupinwang

TSIE Reading 2500 Reading Power 1 Part 2; Unit 4

By Julia_Maffei
28 terms by Julia_Maffei

Building TOEFL Reading (1st) 2_ review (영한)

By dosuljinmin
29 terms by dosuljinmin

University Vocabulary

By anahuac4TEACHER
14 terms by anahuac4TEACHER


By nikkiyang410
62 terms by nikkiyang410

TOEFL 2000 8.4 Sinclair Lewis (English)

By sharon_leigh
14 terms by sharon_leigh

400 Must Have TOEFL Chapter 2 Science

By akkharawat
40 terms by akkharawat


By toefl_hp
40 terms by toefl_hp

Reading Chapter 4

By Tu-tu
37 terms by Tu-tu

Reading CD 4

By ssedigh1
56 terms by ssedigh1

TOEFL Writing(威廉老師)

By ufjl0302
35 terms by ufjl0302

The Great Depression

By bo_kyung_kim
136 terms by bo_kyung_kim

TOEFL IBT flashcard 6

By quizlette482671
100 terms by quizlette482671

Regular past tense verbs (T- sound)

By MicheleFridleyTEACHER
32 terms by MicheleFridleyTEACHER


By zhouwei0821
30 terms by zhouwei0821

Unit 12 Spelling On Level

By Scott_Teacher2
20 terms by Scott_Teacher2

Reading Self Check 10.1

By quizlette3288700
17 terms by quizlette3288700

India Crash Course

By alyx0n
22 terms by alyx0n


By jmartz13
19 terms by jmartz13

The first class (equipment)

By ShelembaAndry
22 terms by ShelembaAndry


By claycw3
14 terms by claycw3

LangueArts 35 terms -Kelsea Jenkins

By kelsea_jenkins
35 terms by kelsea_jenkins

"the birds" study guide

By Ana405
15 terms by Ana405

Reading Section: Tackling the Summary Question!

By jennifervocabulary
17 terms by jennifervocabulary

reading exam study guide

By madisonmeyers
26 terms by madisonmeyers

C1 green 10 (with C2)

By roryawallis
50 terms by roryawallis

Clinical Rotations Memorial Hermann Test

By Ramzi_Razaq1
22 terms by Ramzi_Razaq1

Communication Arts III Summative Review

By Tucker_Johnson19
10 terms by Tucker_Johnson19

GC Test 3

By albaker096
26 terms by albaker096


By wrightj19
27 terms by wrightj19

7B Exam Study Guide (ELA)

By Haley_DeBoer9
45 terms by Haley_DeBoer9

H Eng Midterm terms

By Elaina_Tartal
97 terms by Elaina_Tartal

First Test MW

By sdekok
40 terms by sdekok


By emcvean12345
35 terms by emcvean12345