To talk about getting ready

50 terms By mzlearner

To talk about ways to travel (8A)

5 terms By Steven_Aguayo Teacher

Talk about activities

25 terms By apbarcenas Teacher

Talking About Traveling

44 terms By D-Chapman Teacher

Talk about events

4 terms By apbarcenas Teacher

S2 U3 - Talk about Shopping

42 terms By aapp1971 Teacher

Unidad 9: talk about travel plans

16 terms By SpanishTeacherRFMS Teacher

To talk about places in a community

45 terms By mzlearner

Talk about Activities

17 terms By apbarcenas Teacher

Unit 1 - Lección 1: Talk about activities vocabulary

46 terms By jamoscoso Teacher

Talk About Chores and Responsibilities

14 terms By apbarcenas Teacher

Talking about weather

8 terms By Fukuda_Sensei Teacher

En la clase - to talk about the classroom

12 terms By srasagastume Teacher

To talk about beverages

9 terms By JMTAPIAY Teacher

To talk about your school day

23 terms By Steven_Aguayo Teacher

Talk About How You Feel

9 terms By apbarcenas Teacher

Talking about Food

8 terms By silcteachers Teacher

talking about physical appearance

47 terms By profzara Teacher

To talk about food and beverages

22 terms By Steven_Aguayo Teacher

Talking about meals

19 terms By mdelaneysat Teacher

Chapter 4A to talk about places

18 terms By acyerena Teacher

Talk About Gifts

7 terms By apbarcenas Teacher

U3L1 Talk about food and Beverages

20 terms By senoralupita Teacher

Talk about fires

19 terms By pmageau Teacher

3A To talk about beverages/about eating and drinking

14 terms By ataylorshdhs Teacher

To talk about driving

49 terms By mzlearner

En espanol 3: Unidad 1 Etapa 2, Talk About Pastimes

11 terms By sghsgarcia Teacher

To talk about breakfast

10 terms By JMTAPIAY Teacher

Unidad 4: To talk about classroom items

38 terms By Sra_Vivo Teacher

Yo - Talking about Yourself

20 terms By LAN115 Teacher

2B: To talk about classroom items

17 terms By laurapgarza Teacher

Talk About Sports

6 terms By apbarcenas Teacher

3 Offer Help & Talk About Chores pg. 19

36 terms By marixamarrero49 Teacher

Air Travel - Vocabulary

46 terms By english-with-bethany Teacher

to talk about the order of things

20 terms By acyerena Teacher

Spanish vocabulary- talk about shopping

30 terms By TaylorWaterway

Talking about companies (2)

10 terms By carldowse Teacher

Spanish Vocabulary- Talk about activities

23 terms By Madisyn_Leary5

3A to talk about Breakfast

11 terms By ataylorshdhs Teacher

Voc 5B - People: Talk about & Describe - p.90 (B)

18 terms By anthonyblanco Teacher

3A To talk about Lunch

13 terms By ataylorshdhs Teacher

U6L2: Talk About Staying Healthy / Parts of the Body

24 terms By allisontomlinson Teacher

talk about Shopping/and other words

19 terms By senoralupita Teacher