Realidades 1: Capítulo 6A, "UE" stem-changers

40 terms By Prof_Jimenez TEACHER

O-UE Stem Change Verbs

15 terms By CJEdens TEACHER

Present Tense o-ue Stem-Changing

22 terms By nidree TEACHER

UE stem-changers~Infinitives & conjugations

40 terms By ProfeDell TEACHER

Jugar-poder-dormir "UE" stem-changers

40 terms By Adelbarrioes TEACHER

Realidades 1 6A, "UE" stem-changers poder, dormir & jugar

40 terms By SenoraGiudice TEACHER

O-UE stem changers

19 terms By PeterIII TEACHER

O-ue Stem-Changing Pt 1

48 terms By chidalgo76 TEACHER

1B - Ch 6 O to UE stem changing verbs

22 terms By SraWendt TEACHER

O-ue Stem-changing Verbs Part 2

30 terms By chidalgo76 TEACHER

O - UE Stem-changing Verbs (boot verbs)

43 terms By Mellion TEACHER

Practice conjugating o->ue stem changing verbs

57 terms By Kannpowell TEACHER

O - UE Stem-changing Verbs (boot verbs)

56 terms By Mrs-Walsh TEACHER

o to ue stem-changing verbs

24 terms By LindsayJMarshall TEACHER

O-UE stem-change verbs

9 terms By sramihalyi TEACHER

Spanish 2 O -> UE Stem Changers

65 terms By srtathompson TEACHER

O to UE Stem Changing Verbs

43 terms By mrsdeloza TEACHER

bensp2 O--UE Stem changers vocab.

23 terms By benitezd TEACHER

Ie Ue Stems changing verbs

20 terms By jackclinton511 TEACHER

O -> UE stem changers

33 terms By Mrs_Sachno TEACHER

o to ue stem changing verbs

49 terms By dominique_galvez TEACHER

O-UE (U-UE) stem-changing verbs

15 terms By SraJW TEACHER

O-UE Stem changers (LI)

15 terms By PeterIII TEACHER

bensp3 O-UE Stem Changers

45 terms By benitezd TEACHER

O -> UE Stem Changing Verbs

46 terms By easuarez81 TEACHER

o-ue stem changers

26 terms By SraPFernandez TEACHER

o->ue stem-changing verbs

11 terms By kobrienchch TEACHER

o==>ue stem changers 4.25

30 terms By Marcelo_Campoverde TEACHER

O to UE stem changing verbs

13 terms By dominicisp TEACHER

O-UE stem changing verbs

29 terms By MaestraWebb TEACHER

O-UE Stem-Changing Verbs

32 terms By SraStefine TEACHER

Hartman-O to UE Stem-Change Verbs

93 terms By angihartman TEACHER

O-UE Stem Changers for Tomorrow's Quiz!

36 terms By hovdeh TEACHER

UE stem changing verbs

25 terms By heather_r_wiens TEACHER

S1U3: O-UE & U-UE Stem-Changing Verb Definitions

10 terms By bstinnett00 TEACHER

O-UE Stem-Changing Verbs - Español 1

30 terms By Clunie_Senor TEACHER

O > ue stem changing verbs

26 terms By Lucitabonita TEACHER

How to change an O-UE stem changing verb

10 terms By MaestraWebb TEACHER

O to ue stem-changing verbs Conjugation #2

43 terms By SrMontes TEACHER

Primer Libro o-ue stem changers

15 terms By jreardonfenwick TEACHER