UMS Spanish Telling Time

By faye_michelle
60 terms by faye_michelle

Spanish Verbs Um...

By Lucia_Otten
21 terms by Lucia_Otten

UMS-Wright Spanish Unit 14

By FaggardKa1
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Spanish um ya

By Basketball199
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UM Spanish Vocab

By poligabrielle
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Spanish Um Poema

By mason_showalter
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um unfinished spanish cards

By steven_chan7
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7th Grade UMS Unit 6 Spanish

By laddsa1
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Revision worksheet 1-Summer exam Spanish UMS

By cheunge
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UM Spanish 232 Chapter 9

By Terra_Schroeder
104 terms by Terra_Schroeder

HAH um more spanish 13

By Sailer24
20 terms by Sailer24

UM Spanish 232 Chapter 9

By alkinel
104 terms by alkinel

spanish2 um like techno

By hannah_soniat
29 terms by hannah_soniat

UM Spanish 277 Los calcos semánticos

By VCavMan24
32 terms by VCavMan24

UM Spanish 232 Chapter 7 vocab

By geklein
84 terms by geklein

UM Spanish 277 Pedir, Preguntar, Invitar

By VCavMan24
13 terms by VCavMan24

UM Spanish 232 Chapter 8 Vocab

By alkinel
143 terms by alkinel

UM Spanish 232 Chapter 7 vocab

By alkinel
84 terms by alkinel

Spanish Final for Mrs. Mcelvie Um 8th grade

By k202530
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UM Spanish 277 Preterite vs Imperfect Verb Meaning

By VCavMan24
20 terms by VCavMan24

Spanish Numbers 1-20

By Dutchover
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Chapter 1A Vocabulario - Descripción Física

By AmandaJennison
13 terms by AmandaJennison


By kaladaTEACHER
19 terms by kaladaTEACHER

¿De dónde eres?, Spanish speaking countries with maps

By mdeakleTEACHER
25 terms by mdeakleTEACHER

tener and ser

12 terms by FCLEETEACHER

Spanish Months of the Year

By BlackRiley12
12 terms by BlackRiley12

UNIDAD 2-Vocabulario(NOUNS)

By mdeakleTEACHER
59 terms by mdeakleTEACHER

Super Mega Verb Test 1

17 terms by FCLEETEACHER

la comida española

By anthonyjleeTEACHER
15 terms by anthonyjleeTEACHER

Los Números 0-30

By mdeakleTEACHER
36 terms by mdeakleTEACHER

Adjetivos Unidad 2

By mdeakleTEACHER
47 terms by mdeakleTEACHER

Descripción física

By EasyespanolTEACHER
25 terms by EasyespanolTEACHER

Las instalaciones - facilities (school)

25 terms by FCLEETEACHER

Spanish Speaking Countries: Countries

By Rey_Chavez2
22 terms by Rey_Chavez2

High Frequency words in Spanish

By henzbeeTEACHER
30 terms by henzbeeTEACHER

La comida

By anniewallaceeckerTEACHER
82 terms by anniewallaceeckerTEACHER

Descripción física

By MonsieurOdum96TEACHER
91 terms by MonsieurOdum96TEACHER

Spanish 3 Weather

By hdphenegar
15 terms by hdphenegar

Spanish food - Unit 3 Breakfast and Lunch

By tanawinskiTEACHER
43 terms by tanawinskiTEACHER

la comida española

By sragaviganTEACHER
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By cheunge
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Spanish Colors

By MaxtheMANIAC22
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By cheunge
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the weather

By cheunge
15 terms by cheunge

Mi casa

By cheunge
18 terms by cheunge

Where is it?-Donde esta?

By cheunge
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Encuentros Edición 3000 Band 1 Unidad 3

By FrauTschoep
123 terms by FrauTschoep

Free time

By cheunge
15 terms by cheunge

School Facilities

By cheunge
20 terms by cheunge

Los Colores

By mdeakleTEACHER
12 terms by mdeakleTEACHER