Urdu Script

By stephen_chao
24 terms by stephen_chao

Urdu Alphabet - Complete Set

By antlerbaby
44 terms by antlerbaby

Urdu Numbers

By ArthurDent
28 terms by ArthurDent

Hindi and Urdu Numbers and Numerals: 1 to 10

By antlerbaby
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Urdu Quiz 1

By mxh7503
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Urdu Exam 1

By insi_aziz
123 terms by insi_aziz

#9A: Hindi Colors in devanagari script

By ilearnhindi
15 terms by ilearnhindi

Devanāgarī Script

By zupancs
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By le_y_win
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Categories of Indian Music

By msmay11TEACHER
27 terms by msmay11TEACHER

Asian 235 Languages

By lcguz2
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Bentley Ch 2

By dwoolley
24 terms by dwoolley

Pakistan studies 1st

By usmannoor
26 terms by usmannoor


By DeeMoustache
15 terms by DeeMoustache

South Asia

By claudia_schumann
30 terms by claudia_schumann

Global vocab 159-160 and 269-275

By mwiener853
9 terms by mwiener853

World History Vocab

By Matheus_Jogaib
15 terms by Matheus_Jogaib

Honors World History

By steven_cooper9
14 terms by steven_cooper9

Pakistan Studies

By quizlette610434
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Hindi Notes

By ALB8446
16 terms by ALB8446

Music Section 3 Vocab Pt. 4

By wyatthill282
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By Timmy_Lee7
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World history chapter 20


Important Concepts

By mherrmann99
12 terms by mherrmann99

Chapter 8

By Sydney_Lee34
33 terms by Sydney_Lee34

SocSci Section 2 Vocab Pt. 3

By wyatthill282
10 terms by wyatthill282

Chapter 13 terms

By Robert_Hatch
13 terms by Robert_Hatch

IHum 240 INDIA

By megnut93
150 terms by megnut93

NEAR E 101 - Lecture 14

By mulki928
13 terms by mulki928

poo poo

By abcdefg184
18 terms by abcdefg184

GRY Chapter 12

By emily_tierney5
20 terms by emily_tierney5

Unit 9 World Geo Vocab

By DawgsFan13
28 terms by DawgsFan13

Asia Midterm Review

By A1s2k3
14 terms by A1s2k3

South Asia

By christinewang013
24 terms by christinewang013

Honors World History South Asia Vocabulary

By jessicaring16
30 terms by jessicaring16

English Vocab January 11

By Lawrence_Hennessy8
28 terms by Lawrence_Hennessy8

South Asia Vocabulary

By brayden_albertini
30 terms by brayden_albertini

Early Modern Era

By gaby_sunderland
20 terms by gaby_sunderland

South Asia Vocabulary

By demeisja
30 terms by demeisja

India, China, Mongols, Japan

By star_dust208
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WHAP chapter 2 vocab

By Felicia_Patel
24 terms by Felicia_Patel

Unit 9 vocabulary

By leedens3
22 terms by leedens3

South Asia History Vocab

By alex_parrotto
30 terms by alex_parrotto

South Asia Vocab

By juliem7
30 terms by juliem7

Chapter 26 Section 2

By AndyJoeJimenez
28 terms by AndyJoeJimenez

Asian Humanities Vocabulary

By Michael_Swain1
184 terms by Michael_Swain1