Urdu Script

By Nand_Chandravadia
9 terms by Nand_Chandravadia

Urdu Script

By stephen_chao
24 terms by stephen_chao

Urdu Colors (Pronunciation / English color - Urdu script)

By DeRangoA
10 terms by DeRangoA

Urdu Alphabet - Complete Set

By antlerbaby
44 terms by antlerbaby

Urdu Numbers

By ArthurDent
28 terms by ArthurDent

Hindi and Urdu Numbers and Numerals: 1 to 10

By antlerbaby
11 terms by antlerbaby

Urdu Quiz 1

By mxh7503
107 terms by mxh7503

Urdu Exam 1

By insi_aziz
123 terms by insi_aziz

#9A: Hindi Colors in devanagari script

By ilearnhindi
15 terms by ilearnhindi

Devanāgarī Script

By zupancs
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By le_y_win
15 terms by le_y_win

Categories of Indian Music

By msmay11TEACHER
27 terms by msmay11TEACHER

Asian 235 Languages

By lcguz2
11 terms by lcguz2

Bentley Ch 2

By dwoolley
24 terms by dwoolley

Pakistan studies 1st

By usmannoor
26 terms by usmannoor


By DeeMoustache
15 terms by DeeMoustache

South Asia

By claudia_schumann
30 terms by claudia_schumann

Global vocab 159-160 and 269-275

By mwiener853
9 terms by mwiener853

World History Vocab

By Matheus_Jogaib
15 terms by Matheus_Jogaib

Honors World History

By steven_cooper9
14 terms by steven_cooper9

Pakistan Studies

By quizlette610434
43 terms by quizlette610434

Hindi Notes

By ALB8446
16 terms by ALB8446

Music Section 3 Vocab Pt. 4

By wyatthill282
23 terms by wyatthill282


By Timmy_Lee7
44 terms by Timmy_Lee7

Important Concepts

By mherrmann99
12 terms by mherrmann99

World history chapter 20


Chapter 8

By Sydney_Lee34
33 terms by Sydney_Lee34

SocSci Section 2 Vocab Pt. 3

By wyatthill282
10 terms by wyatthill282

Chapter 13 terms

By Robert_Hatch
13 terms by Robert_Hatch

Chapter 7 wrg vocabulary

By peanut1007
32 terms by peanut1007

IHum 240 INDIA

By megnut93
150 terms by megnut93

NEAR E 101 - Lecture 14

By mulki928
13 terms by mulki928

poo poo

By abcdefg184
18 terms by abcdefg184

GRY Chapter 12

By emily_tierney5
20 terms by emily_tierney5

Unit 9 World Geo Vocab

By DawgsFan13
28 terms by DawgsFan13

English Vocab January 11

By Lawrence_Hennessy8
28 terms by Lawrence_Hennessy8

South Asia

By christinewang013
24 terms by christinewang013

Honors World History South Asia Vocabulary

By jessicaring16
30 terms by jessicaring16

South Asia Vocabulary

By brayden_albertini
30 terms by brayden_albertini

Early Modern Era

By gaby_sunderland
20 terms by gaby_sunderland

Chapter 26 Section 2

By AndyJoeJimenez
28 terms by AndyJoeJimenez

Asian Humanities Vocabulary

By Michael_Swain1
184 terms by Michael_Swain1

India, China, Mongols, Japan

By star_dust208
24 terms by star_dust208

WHAP chapter 2 vocab

By Felicia_Patel
24 terms by Felicia_Patel

Unit 9 vocabulary

By leedens3
22 terms by leedens3

South Asia History Vocab

By alex_parrotto
30 terms by alex_parrotto

South Asia Vocab

By juliem7
30 terms by juliem7