U6 French Verbs - Imperfect Tense Conjugations (Imparfait)

45 terms By abosch Teacher

first conjugation verbs imperfect passive

7 terms By ForeignLanguages Teacher

first conjugation verbs imperfect active

6 terms By ForeignLanguages Teacher

1st conjugation verbs, imperfect tense

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Verbos Vitales Imperfect Conjugations

58 terms By sheila_sliffy Teacher

Third and Fourth Conjugation Verbs (Active, Present, Imperfect, Future)

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Imperfect Conjugation Practice

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22 terms By avellano74 Teacher

2nd CONJUGATION VERBS (Imperfect Tense)

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Imperfect conjugations Set #2 Irregulars

21 terms By avellano74 Teacher

La niƱez verbs&imperfect conjugation

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GROUP K. 1st Conjugation verbs - present, future & imperfect tenses

20 terms By jafoulds Teacher

Chigwell Classics: GCSE 1st-conjugation verbs

42 terms By logodaedalus Teacher

Chigwell Classics: GCSE 3rd-conjugation verbs

48 terms By logodaedalus Teacher

Chapter 8: Third Conjugation Verbs: Present, Future, Imperfect

38 terms By nkruff Teacher

Other Irregular Verbs/Imperfect Conjugations

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1st, 2nd 3rd conjugation verbs in Latin

25 terms By mmouret Teacher

Latin 2 Review: 1st conjugation verbs

57 terms By emsolomon Teacher

GROUP L. 2nd conjugation verbs - present, future & imperfect tenses

10 terms By jafoulds Teacher

5 AR Verb Imperfect Conjugations

35 terms By christianduvall

Verbs - Imperfect tense 1st conjugation (2)

12 terms By MagistraCon Teacher

Preterite / Imperfect Conjugation Practice

21 terms By Hagemeier

French Midterm Verbs - Imperfect conjugated in Je

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Latin Verbs Imperfect Active

15 terms By scrappyjab Teacher

2nd conjugation verbs imperfect tense

6 terms By DrPlease

Verb Set for Unit 4 (preterite and imperfect conjugations)

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verbs - imperfect - with subject

84 terms By shoeless

Chapter VIII: Third Conjugation Verbs

18 terms By Lea_Frost Teacher

French Irregular Verbs Imperfect Conjugation

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French Verb Imperfect Conjugations

14 terms By ali_dwight

Chigwell Classics: GCSE 2nd-conjugation verbs

24 terms By logodaedalus Teacher

1B - Ch 7a CONJUGATE verbs with reflexive pronouns

15 terms By SraWendt Teacher

Latin Chapter 5 - 1st & 2nd Conjugation Verbs - Imperfect & Future Tense, Adjectives in -er

31 terms By Tyler_Simmons6

ar verb imperfect conjugation

6 terms By rosemaries

Reflexive Verbs 3 (conjugated verbs and pensar + inf.)

74 terms By SrVanFleet Teacher

IOP with conjugated verbs & verb patterns

10 terms By Holala7 Teacher

GROUP M. 3rd Conjugation verbs - present, future & imperfect tenses

10 terms By jafoulds Teacher

2nd conjugation verbs

14 terms By jhreben Teacher

Spanish Verbs: Imperfect Conjugations

7 terms By gkschwartz10

Verbs: Imperfect Tense: 1st - 4th conjugation

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20 terms By jerryseitz Teacher

GROUP N. 4th Conjugation Verbs - present, future & imperfect tenses

10 terms By jafoulds Teacher

1st 2nd conjugation verbs Chapter 1 Wheelock practice

27 terms By mmouret Teacher

1st conjugation verbs, imperfect (past) tense stem

6 terms By phurrough

Latin 3rd Conjugation Verbs Imperfect Tense (Active and Passive)

12 terms By julia0127

Latin 2 Review: 3rd conjugation verbs

62 terms By emsolomon Teacher

Sp 1 Unit 6 - Conjugate verbs with irregular yo forms

14 terms By rjblais Teacher

Capitulo 7 Conjugated Verbs

36 terms By msreider Teacher

Conjugations for Irregular Verbs (Imperfect Tense)

10 terms By BadWolfBabe

Lesson 30, Second Conjugation Verbs - Imperfect and Future Tenses

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