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Verbs with Irregular Forms

30 terms By srakissinger

"Go" Verbs & Irregular "yo" forms

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Group 3 verbs: Irregular "Yo"

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Verbs irregular in the "yo" form

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Verbs Irregular Yo Forms (sr)

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Verbs with Irregular Forms

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simple past irregular forms

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Irregular forms of verbs

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Irregular Forms for Yo

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Grupo 13 Irregular Forms - Suffixes-TO, -SO, -CHO

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verbs irregular only in yo form

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Verb to irregular form

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Verbs irregular in the YO form

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Verbs Irregular in the Future

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Phrasal Verbs Irregular Verb Test 2

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Verbs irregular in ALL forms in the present indicative tense

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irregular verbs (irregular yo form)

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Capítulo 5b - Verbos - Irregular forms!

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Future tense. Irregular forms

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Present verbs irregular yo form

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Irregular form of imperatives P.265

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past irregular forms - translation

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Spanish Verbs- irregular

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Preterite irregular forms

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