Verbs with Ridiculously Irregular Preterite Conjugations

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Spanish Verbs in the Preterite Tense

31 terms By senorfawcett Teacher

32-Spanish: Super Verb Preterite Tense - (←) - elkwv

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Irregular preterite conjugations

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House Verbs - Preterit conjugations

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Verbos Vitales Preterite Conjugations

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Spanish Verb Preterite Conjugation

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!!Spanish verb conjugate present and past

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Irregular Verbs - Preterite for "U group" verbs

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Spanish Verb Preterit Conjugation

30 terms By matthew_ippolito

ASD1, 7: -GAR/-CAR/-ZAR Verbs, Preterite Tense (conjugations)

114 terms By HeilLL Teacher

U1E3_En Espanol 2_Irregular Preterite Tense_e to i & o to u Preterite Spanish Verbs

50 terms By SraSepulveda Teacher

Stem-changing verbs: preterite tense

41 terms By senorafedorko Teacher

ASD2 Ch 3 Irregular Preterite conjugations

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sp 2 Verbs with Ridiculously Irregular Preterite Conjugations

10 terms By srtocino Teacher

SPanish Verbs Preterite Conjugations

22 terms By Clayton16

Strong verbs, preterite

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Spanish I: Preterite Conjugation Practice: Regular Preterite Verbs

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Spanish 2: Preterite Conjugation Practice: Regular Preterite Verbs

30 terms By Garratt Teacher

Irregular spanish verbs in preterite

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Spanish Verbs' Preterite conjugations (HDIVS)

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Spanish verbs - preterite conjugations

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Fall 2012 Spanish Verbs to conjugate

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Spanish verb drill (imperfect & preterite)

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Preterite Conjugations: more irregulars!

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55 essential Spanish verbs in the preterite

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ER IR verbs Regular Preterit Conjugation Practice

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Ar, Er, Ir, and irregular verbs preterite conjugation (Spanish)

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Avancemos 2 U2L1 ER/IR preterite conjugations

60 terms By profezawil Teacher

Irregular Spanish verb preterite conjugations

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sp2, u1.1, 5 IRREGULAR VERBS in the Preterit (CONJUGATION practice, from p.42)

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Irregular Preterite Conjugations and Meanings

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Preterite Conjugation of ar verbs

30 terms By luzquijg Teacher

Conjugation of -ar, -er, -ir, Spanish Verbs

27 terms By Senoraonorato Teacher

Irregular verbs in preterite: conjugate yo form

18 terms By salomeausin Teacher

Spanish Verb Conjugations--Present Tense, -AR, -ER, -IR

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Spanish Irregular verbs preterite Gar, Car, Zar,HAPPE - STD - QTV

15 terms By HolaLolaUS Teacher

Regular Spanish Verbs in the Preterite Tense

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"Sole" Verbs (Preterite Tense Stem Changers)

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!! Spanish Verbs Irregular present tense Conjugated

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Regular Preterite Conjugations

37 terms By hauseemily Teacher

Realidades 2 Chapter 5B Irregular Preterite Conjugations

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Spanish verb conjugation in the preterite!

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Conjugation of -ar, -ir, and -er Spanish Verbs

10 terms By sarina_smith

Irregular Preterite conjugations

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Descubre 1 Lección 6 ER/IR preterite conjugations

60 terms By gphillip Teacher

Irregular preterite conjugations

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Preterite Conjugations - Regular Verbs

20 terms By Profe_Peterson

Spanish Verbs: Irregular Preterite Conjugations

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