French 2: Les verbes #2 (Infinitif)

33 terms By madamecota Teacher

Common French Verbs

49 terms By santonmulgrave Teacher

French verbs-2

40 terms By frenchetc

X-50 most common French verbs in order

50 terms By Mme_Z Teacher

25 most common Turkish verbs-2

25 terms By denizelkan Teacher

Ms Evans Français 3 - pronominal verbs 2

19 terms By evansw Teacher

Common French Verbs Part 2

52 terms By MrDrakeCranleigh Teacher

Fr 2/Common Regular -ER Verbs/ Mme Lott

40 terms By lottk Teacher

Common French Verbs Part 2

34 terms By madsig Teacher

Most Common French Verbs

89 terms By MmeRuiz Teacher

-IR Verbs - Français 1

42 terms By Clunie_Senor Teacher

50 Most Common French Verbs

50 terms By John_Romas Teacher

Français 600 Verbes 2

115 terms By ChelliMiller

Common French -er verbs

38 terms By Emily_Griffins Teacher

Common French "ir" verbs

42 terms By Jessica_Harmon31 Teacher

Common Irregular verbs #2 French/English

28 terms By michaelhowden

Common French verbs

33 terms By madsig Teacher

50 Most Common French Verbs

50 terms By OliviaHicks

French / Français verbe être - French verb to be - Present tense

6 terms By michoutim Teacher

Common French Verbs and Conjugation

135 terms By but_hitler_is_dead

Common french verbs

25 terms By madamescott Teacher

Common French Verbs: -er, ir, re

40 terms By ldowmoore

Verbes Français 1-50

50 terms By cdelio_portnet

Most Common French Verbs

147 terms By dmosora

Common French -er verbs

120 terms By pdblack

Most Common Irregular Verbs 2 for ESL

30 terms By Dragonflies100

50 Most Common French Verbs- French 3 Honors

50 terms By jenawelty Teacher

76 Common French Verbs- French 3 Honors

76 terms By creativeisa Teacher

Spanish 2 - Common Verbs

19 terms By AakashSudhakar

Common French Irregular Verbs

15 terms By Mme_Landesman Teacher

French "ir" verbs 2

30 terms By robertberrios Teacher

40 Common French Verbs MEANING

40 terms By monsieurbingle Teacher

Common -ar verbs 2

24 terms By c_ross2014 Teacher

Some Spanish Common Verbs #2

27 terms By pulangchinelas

Some Common French Verbs

51 terms By theangler

Cutting Edge - Vocabulary - Common verbs 2

27 terms By centroidiomasfucs Teacher

Common French Verbs Part 1

30 terms By MrDrakeCranleigh Teacher

Descubre 1 Chapter 2: Common -ar Verbs

30 terms By carmelcatholic Teacher

22 most common Turkish verbs -2

22 terms By denizelkan Teacher

Most Common French verbs

529 terms By dmosora

common french ir & re verbs

40 terms By swimdog87

Madame Hambrick - common French verbs 1-5

53 terms By MmeHambrick Teacher

Common French Verbs

212 terms By nate_lowe

Common French Verbs Past Participles

32 terms By Mayfield49 Teacher

Common French Verbs

96 terms By magiccodecreature

Common French Verbs Part 2

50 terms By oriorellana

Most Common french Verbs

50 terms By morpheus2001

G1: Common German Verbs 2

12 terms By grusenski Teacher

Common french verbs

23 terms By Natalie_Schoonbee

Common Regular -er Verbs 2

61 terms By mmeminor Teacher