Los 100 verbos regulares

105 terms By SraE-M TEACHER

Los verbos regulares

44 terms By holahonke TEACHER

Verbos regulares ar, er, ir

27 terms By Maestras_Cruz-Mahon TEACHER

Verbos Regulares

42 terms By Maestras_Cruz-Mahon TEACHER

Verbos regulares e irregulares

67 terms By iposztos TEACHER

Destinos 1 - 5 verbos regulares

41 terms By SpanSil TEACHER

Verbos Regulares- "ar"

60 terms By srmandrade TEACHER

Verbos Regulares

54 terms By Pao4280 TEACHER

100 Verbos Regulares with pics

107 terms By reybenjoboy TEACHER

Verbos Regulares 1

31 terms By EGSCanning TEACHER

Verbos Regulares "AR"

8 terms By Marcelo_Campoverde TEACHER

Verbos regulares - Regular verbs you should know

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Los Verbos Regulares

27 terms By nnaylor TEACHER

Verbos regulares en el presente:-er, ir

35 terms By mielita TEACHER


20 terms By milagros_sorensen TEACHER

verbos regulares

18 terms By eneidagarcia TEACHER

Verbos regulares

15 terms By IsabelleGarneau TEACHER

LP: Verbos regulares (Vocabulary)

21 terms By hauseemily TEACHER

Pretérito- Verbos Regulares

20 terms By ms8spanish TEACHER

Verbos regulares

10 terms By Stalin8 TEACHER

verbos regulares: ar

16 terms By eneidagarcia TEACHER

Verbos regulares # 1 - imágenes (ESP 1)

20 terms By nailasinave TEACHER

Verbos regulares - Pasado participio.

20 terms By Leonardo_Insignares TEACHER

Verbos regulares en -AR

57 terms By profesoraochoa TEACHER

Vocabulario de los Verbos Regulares en ER/IR

16 terms By smidden TEACHER


18 terms By Erika_Cedeno TEACHER

U2:L1 - Verbos regulares -AR

5 terms By iraidapeinado7 TEACHER

Unidad 5 - Los Verbos Regulares e Irregulares

75 terms By rizzutol TEACHER

verbos "regulares"

35 terms By GingerDouglas


18 terms By Erika_Ahrens TEACHER

Verbos Regulares -AR

46 terms By GabrielaRios TEACHER

El Presente: Verbos Regulares e Irregulares.

35 terms By Joaquin_Cuni-Carreno TEACHER

Verbos regulares en presente (-er)

4 terms By Sprachenzentrum TEACHER

Los verbos regulares - Regular verbs

32 terms By ndecourcey TEACHER

Los verbos regulares en -ar

14 terms By chillington1 TEACHER

Verbos regulares en presente (-ar)

11 terms By Sprachenzentrum TEACHER

Verbos regulares en el presente -ar

49 terms By mielita TEACHER

verbos regulares 3a

44 terms By dominique_galvez TEACHER


35 terms By dsemenas

Verbos regulares-IR

8 terms By Britannica TEACHER

Verbos regulares que terminan en -ar

15 terms By El_Profesor_Chase TEACHER

Lección 2: Verbos Regulares -AR

10 terms By ealavez TEACHER


68 terms By fidelmonge

Imperfecto: Verbos Regulares

44 terms By jescdevine TEACHER

1-4 Traducir - Verbos regulares

40 terms By LinseVelasco TEACHER

Verbos regulares que terminen con -er, -ir

13 terms By El_Profesor_Chase TEACHER

año 9 verbos regulares

69 terms By senordunn TEACHER