French Conjugation - To Be

37 terms By fleurserriere Teacher

verb French conjugation-random-4

10 terms By frenchetc

French - Conjugation of Regular Verbs

74 terms By dpfonten1976 Teacher

French Conjugation -- Regular verbs

18 terms By elweld12

-ir verbs: French conjugations

6 terms By lholm10

French conjugation - random - Level 1

10 terms By frenchetc

Chapter 5 Verb Conjugations - Conjugate the Verbs!

28 terms By UAWeise Teacher

French conjugations

56 terms By ABellows

-er verbs: French conjugations

6 terms By lholm10

ir verbs french conjugation

6 terms By Thought_Cash

French conjugations

55 terms By mpalome Teacher

present tense Irregular verbs- French conjugation cue cards

42 terms By Alyssa_Egvari

Conjugating regular ER verbs, French 1

24 terms By eleanor_daquitaine Teacher

French Conjugations

92 terms By aeraja

Irregular Verbs French Conjugations

28 terms By kendallgalla

-re verbs: French conjugations

6 terms By lholm10

French Conjugation Of Faire

11 terms By scarter2002

-ger verbs FRENCH conjugation

6 terms By emzoe

Conjugating ER, IR, RE Verbs (French)

16 terms By DWoelders

Beginner French - Conjugations of Avoir

9 terms By vballi619

French Conjugations of Être (to be)

6 terms By BeatlesPanda

French Conjugations

36 terms By s1z4

Conjugating Verbs - French

36 terms By clebrun

French conjugations

6 terms By merida1012

Latin II (3rd & 4th Conjugation) [Conjugation Practice]

22 terms By magisterpeterson Teacher

French conjugations and endings

8 terms By stasiahart

Latin III/IV (3rd & 4th Conjugation) [Conjugation Practice]

22 terms By magisterpeterson Teacher

French Conjugated Verb + Infinitive

40 terms By yvette_dequito

Beginner French - Conjugations of Envoyer

9 terms By vballi619

French - Conjugating Irregular Verbs Aller, Avoir, Être

24 terms By saramorrell

French Conjugation Of Faire

6 terms By Prof_Mitz Teacher

French Conjugating

38 terms By badams876

French Conjugates - Verbs (Asticou)

84 terms By dfreding

French Conjugation

64 terms By Faminkie

French conjugating verbs

82 terms By KarenLVandyke

French - Conjugating "ER" Verbs

5 terms By baguettepie

French (Conjugating -er verbs)

78 terms By Chrisconte_11

French Conjugations

126 terms By lydiamarie_17

Un4 French Conjugations

44 terms By xDraSilx

French Conjugations

70 terms By rush1797

French - Conjugation ('er' verbs)

12 terms By Jellie_95

Conjugate verbs French

29 terms By sourd1esel

French Conjugates - Adverbs (Asticou)

124 terms By dfreding

Conjugated Verbs French 2

39 terms By kaarndt

French Conjugations

155 terms By racheljleonard

French - Conjugating Jouer and Faire

12 terms By ktblessing

Conjugating verbs - French Final 2012

24 terms By y2017katwae

French Conjugation

18 terms By madeleine0will

French: Conjugations Of Aller (To Go)

6 terms By Braden_Milford

French conjugations

42 terms By eipecoraro