verb French conjugation-random-4

10 terms By frenchetc

-ir verbs: French conjugations

6 terms By lholm10

French Conjugation - To Be

37 terms By fleurserriere Teacher

present tense Irregular verbs- French conjugation cue cards

42 terms By Alyssa_Egvari

-er verbs: French conjugations

6 terms By lholm10

-re verbs: French conjugations

6 terms By lholm10

ir verbs french conjugation

6 terms By Thought_Cash

French conjugation - random - Level 1

10 terms By frenchetc

Conjugating regular ER verbs, French 1

24 terms By eleanor_daquitaine Teacher

French Conjugation -- Regular verbs

18 terms By elweld12

-ger verbs FRENCH conjugation

6 terms By emzoe

French - Conjugation of Regular Verbs

74 terms By dpfonten1976 Teacher

French Conjugations

92 terms By aeraja

French conjugations

56 terms By ABellows

Conjugating ER, IR, RE Verbs (French)

16 terms By DWoelders

French Conjugation Of Faire

11 terms By scarter2002

french conjugation of -cer verbs

6 terms By Morella_Almann

French Conjugations

36 terms By s1z4

French - Conjugating Irregular Verbs Aller, Avoir, Être

24 terms By saramorrell

French conjugations

55 terms By mpalome Teacher

French Conjugates - Verbs (Asticou)

84 terms By dfreding

French - Conjugating "ER" Verbs

5 terms By baguettepie

Conjugating Verbs - French

36 terms By clebrun

Er Verbs French

36 terms By jqanddq Teacher

Conjugate verbs French

29 terms By sourd1esel

French conjugations and endings

8 terms By stasiahart

French conjugating regular -er verbs present tense

6 terms By Morella_Almann

French Conjugations of Être (to be)

6 terms By BeatlesPanda

French conjugating verbs

82 terms By KarenLVandyke

Conjugated Verbs French 2

39 terms By kaarndt

French Conjugations

155 terms By racheljleonard

French Conjugating

38 terms By badams876

French (conjugating verbs, days, months, a, the, misc.)

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Conjugating verbs - French Final 2012

24 terms By y2017katwae

French Conjugation

64 terms By Faminkie

French conjugations

42 terms By eipecoraro

french conjugations and verbs

46 terms By oliviaasprey

Beginner French - Conjugations of Avoir

9 terms By vballi619

Un4 French Conjugations

44 terms By xDraSilx

French Conjugation Of Faire

6 terms By Prof_Mitz Teacher

conjugating verbs french

26 terms By Gabbythegabber

French Conjugation

18 terms By madeleine0will

French Conjugations

62 terms By anchorgirl

French: Conjugations Of Aller (To Go)

6 terms By Braden_Milford

French Conjugated Verbs Present

75 terms By albertwells

Conjugating Verbs - French

24 terms By minip123

French Conjugations

70 terms By rush1797

French conjugations

24 terms By sportyshein

French Conjugation Verbs

36 terms By Xesh

French Conjugation

6 terms By mcpotomac1