Er Verbs French

36 terms By jqanddq Teacher

French -ir verb endings

9 terms By madamewb Teacher

French: IR verbs

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French IR Verbs

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French "ir" verbs 2

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French -ir Verbs

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Common French "ir" verbs

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French -IR regular verbs 2014

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Regular -ir Verbs French

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Regular IR Verbs French

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French "ir" verbs

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4 French -IR Verbs

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French -ir verbs

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FRENCH -ir Verbs/Regular

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French -ir Verbs

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common french ir & re verbs

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French IR Verbs

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IR ISS Verbs French Infinitives

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French - IR Verb Conjugation

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french -ir verbs

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ER verbs, RE verbs, IR MTV verbs, and IR iss verbs: French 1

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French -ir verbs

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Conjugating ER, IR, RE Verbs (French)

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-ir Verbs French

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French IR Verbs and the Partitive Article

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French IR verbs, set 2

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French -ir verbs Mme. Orsini Pd. 7

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Regular IR Verbs French

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-er, -ir and --re verbs French 10

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French -ir Verbs Conjugation Rules

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French IR Verbs (infinitives/meanings)

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French -Ir Verb Endings

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French IR Verbs

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-ir verbs French to English

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French -ir verbs and adjectives

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Regular -ir Verbs French

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French -ir verbs & their past participles

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French IR verbs

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French-ir Verbs for Test

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French -ir verbs

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French ir verbs

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FRENCH -ir and -re verbs

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French IR/RE verbs

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Common French IR verbs

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French: IR and RE Verbs

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French --ir verbs

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Regular IR Verbs French

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Regular French -ir verbs in Present Tense

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French IR and RE Verbs

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french ir verb endings

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