Er Verbs French

36 terms By jqanddq Teacher

Practice French stem-changing verbs

42 terms By OCSFrench Teacher

French stem changing verbs

55 terms By Madame_Youse

French stem changing verbs

55 terms By dwiatr Teacher

Stem Change Verbs French III (CONGA)

57 terms By remyg48

French- Stems of Irregular Verbs

53 terms By mirabellgarden

Irregular Verbs French 1

71 terms By astefanik1 Teacher

Er Verbs French

30 terms By amyking95 Teacher

6. French Stem-Changing Verbs -ayer

4 terms By Zyugma

D'Accord Unit 2A -ER Verbs French w/ Image to English

80 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

Review Verbs French 2

40 terms By karinecc Teacher

french stem changing verbs

56 terms By kaelabyrne

Er Verbs French

34 terms By kmcnamara40 Teacher

ER Verbs French 2

28 terms By mmemeservey Teacher

8. -É_ER - French Stem-Changing Verbs

19 terms By Zyugma

French Stem-Changing -ER Verbs

27 terms By lspell148

French Stem Change Verbs

50 terms By pskitz

High Frequency Verbs (French I)

66 terms By madamekaiman Teacher

Irregular future tense french stems

19 terms By ojwrogers Teacher

French stems

52 terms By nmiller_lang Teacher

French Stem Changing Verbs

15 terms By aviva0527

4. -ETER - French Stem-Changing Verbs

5 terms By Zyugma

Four key irregular verbs-French FKIVF

35 terms By alevelfrench Teacher

verb French conjugation-random-4

10 terms By frenchetc

reflexive verbs French 3,4

33 terms By dbryant52 Teacher

D'Accord Unit 2A -ER Verbs French w/ Image-English for PALETTE

79 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

French Stem Changing Verbs

35 terms By haleyhock45

French Stem Changing Verbs

18 terms By ibhrim

French stem changing verbs -Yer

17 terms By candycat7

French Stem-Changing Verbs

24 terms By shakazuloo_

50 Most Common French Verbs- French 3 Honors

50 terms By jenawelty Teacher

Academy of French Stem changing Verbs+(-re) Verbs

26 terms By WOLFDEN

76 Common French Verbs- French 3 Honors

76 terms By creativeisa Teacher

Er Verbs (French)

22 terms By HaydenFrench15

Regular -re Verbs French

25 terms By Hagemeier

Stem Changing verbs French II

32 terms By Lisagoetsch

environment verbs french

27 terms By kpodmore Teacher

French stem-changing verbs IV

14 terms By frenchwarrior

7. -E_ER - French Stem-Changing Verbs

7 terms By Zyugma

3. -ELER - French Stem-Changing Verbs

4 terms By Zyugma

French stems of irregular verbs

21 terms By kalie_parks

Er Verbs French

35 terms By slemmons

French Stem-Changing Verbs

12 terms By kenziepaayton

French Stem Changing verbs

16 terms By Cmac818

French stem-changing verbs

21 terms By AlexChi

Verbs (French)

184 terms By SusanneWinchester Teacher

All French Verbs (French one and short one)

63 terms By cameron_miller7

French stem changing verbs

15 terms By kayleeham

ER Verbs French 1

25 terms By MonsieurN Teacher

Regular -ir Verbs French

9 terms By GrOConnor Teacher