passé composé U13

31 terms By MmeLumumba Teacher

French 2-Passe Compose-regular verbs (avoir)

12 terms By madameprof Teacher

Être Verbs Passé Composé

18 terms By adkerai

Passé composé (être)

23 terms By madamelhomme Teacher

Passé Composé

23 terms By dcauthers Teacher

Passé Composé -ER Verbs

19 terms By Lena_Roberts Teacher

Bien Dit 1 - passé composé (AVOIR)

35 terms By lhebert Teacher

être passé composé

16 terms By mmejutard Teacher

Passé Composé (irregular past participles)

55 terms By Marie-Anne_Valente Teacher

QCS Passé Composé - past participles

45 terms By MadameMears Teacher

U3- French Verbs - passé composé

24 terms By suzelbee Teacher

Bien Dit! 2 Ch 5 Reflexive Verbs-Passé Composé

26 terms By MmeMagallanes Teacher

verbes passé composé

51 terms By sariina__

Passé Composé with être

52 terms By ralapic Teacher

Verb Passé-Composé

63 terms By Molly_Carle

Passé Composé (past participles)

38 terms By FrEsTeacher Teacher

Verbes passé composer/imparfait

34 terms By christinamz

Irregular Verbs Passé Composé 12-26

14 terms By marie_bland

French Passé Composé

46 terms By mjeanpierre

French Irregular Verbs Passe Compose

32 terms By Jaskaran_Deol

Irregular Verbs: Passé Compose

34 terms By wajeha_15

Verbes passé composé

76 terms By oezil10

Passé composé/10 er verbs (MDJ)

10 terms By MmeMancuso Teacher


36 terms By petem180

French Verbs Passe Compose #1

19 terms By menency

Bien Dit! 2 Ch 5 Reflexive Verbs-Passé Composé

23 terms By sachsmichele Teacher

Passé Composé - 3 - l'auxiliaire être

15 terms By Emmanuelle_Galisson Teacher

Passé Composé: participes + traduction

55 terms By MmeNeumann Teacher

Passé Composé with -er Verbs

18 terms By raynazgill Teacher

Passé Composé irregular verbs

29 terms By papillon4 Teacher

Passé Composé - IR VERBS

15 terms By Lena_Roberts Teacher

Être Verbes Passé Composé!!

17 terms By isabelledorman

French Verbs Passé Composé Etre

13 terms By mewgirl1995

verbes passé-composé avec ETRE

35 terms By milaure

2Allez-viens! 192 passé composé reflexive

10 terms By Saint-Louis Teacher

Verbs Passé Composé

70 terms By Pedzi_Awesome

Le Passé Composé

30 terms By jessicatgs Teacher

Passé Composé - Avoir - irregular verbs

46 terms By MmePeterlin Teacher

French Passé Compose Conjugation

6 terms By NomadicAnta