Avoir verbs in the passe compose

By emmafs10
20 terms by emmafs10

verbes au passe compose

By leabenaiem
14 terms by leabenaiem

VERBES pour passé composé

By masabudyniowa
50 terms by masabudyniowa

Reflexive Verbs in the passé composé

By MmePeterlin
13 terms by MmePeterlin

Irregular verbs - passé composé

By dragonmaster955
18 terms by dragonmaster955

Les verbes au passé composé

13 terms by e-ErniTEACHER

Les verbes pronominaux passé composé

By MmeAhmad
16 terms by MmeAhmad

Verbes au passé composé

By madamelhommeTEACHER
23 terms by madamelhommeTEACHER

Les verbes au passé composé

By laurasomia
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Passé Composé Irregular Verbs

By papillon4TEACHER
29 terms by papillon4TEACHER

Les verbes au passé composé

By laurasomia
41 terms by laurasomia

38 verbs Passé composé

By Maurice_Fakoury
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verbes au passé composé

By camilltour
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passé composé verbes pronominaux

By ejwetter99TEACHER
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Passe Compose Verbs

By cumipig
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irregular passé compose verbs

By andreamichelle_23
10 terms by andreamichelle_23

Irregular Verbs Passe Compose

By LaurenM1221
26 terms by LaurenM1221

le passé compose verbes en -re

24 terms by MmeAdyTEACHER

Le passé composé verbes irréguliers

By Mmemcsorley
22 terms by Mmemcsorley

Passe Compose Verbs

By AmeliaAW
47 terms by AmeliaAW

passe compose verb conjugation

By Wombfresh
9 terms by Wombfresh

French Passe Compose Verbs

By Carissa_Gratzol
10 terms by Carissa_Gratzol

etre verbs passe compose

By melrpratt
17 terms by melrpratt

être passé composé verbs

By kugela1998
17 terms by kugela1998

Passe compose (subset of verbs)

By 2072967
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Passe compose verbs

By nmetz4
17 terms by nmetz4

Passe Compose Verbs (conjugation for passe compose + def.)

By Jackie_L_1
27 terms by Jackie_L_1

weird passe compose verbs

By chare126
8 terms by chare126

irregular verbs passé composé

By lavagev
11 terms by lavagev

Passe Compose Irregular Verbs

By emregan75
16 terms by emregan75

Irregular Passe Compose Verbs

By selena_fears
10 terms by selena_fears

irregular passe compose verbs

By aes80403
10 terms by aes80403

Passe compose verbs

By AKrogg
10 terms by AKrogg

Passé composé -re verbs

By sarah_jeane
17 terms by sarah_jeane

Irregular Passe Compose Verbs

By krlickey
32 terms by krlickey

être passe compose verbs

By Lucy_Neill
17 terms by Lucy_Neill

Irregular passe compose verbs

By alexandra_thorson
12 terms by alexandra_thorson

Irregular passe compose verbs

By melissa1144
13 terms by melissa1144

Irreular Verbs Passe Compose

By notlucastorres
16 terms by notlucastorres

Verbs ir Passe Compose

By spencercharlton
12 terms by spencercharlton

Verbs re Passe Compose

By spencercharlton
9 terms by spencercharlton

irregular passé composé verbs

By nathan_hummel48
11 terms by nathan_hummel48

Etre Passe Compose Verbs

By haleighsarahashley
16 terms by haleighsarahashley

verbs passé compose

By wmcguire18
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Verb Conjugations Passe Compose

By Jasper_Thomas8
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Passé composé both verbs

By MadameVcms
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Passe Compose Irregular Verbs

By emlo518x
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Irregular Passe Compose Verbs

By Rerezhang
17 terms by Rerezhang

Passe Compose Etre Verbs

By AyeKay10
17 terms by AyeKay10

verbs in passe compose

By gabbygranata
31 terms by gabbygranata