French Verbes Réfléchis 2

By DrewNY
30 terms by DrewNY

French 2 Les Verbes Réfléchis

By Noreen_Liggett1
13 terms by Noreen_Liggett1


By mithompson
37 terms by mithompson

French 2: Quelques Verbes Reflechis

By hcps-orazidl
47 terms by hcps-orazidl

French 2 Quiz: Les Verbes Reflechis

By cailyngenewick
40 terms by cailyngenewick

French 2 Les Verbes Réfléchis 2

By Noreen_Liggett1
16 terms by Noreen_Liggett1

French 2 Unit 1: Les verbes réfléchis communs

By unbonmec1966TEACHER
20 terms by unbonmec1966TEACHER

French II Verbes réfléchis

By rieke5
40 terms by rieke5

French unit 2 vocab medicine and verbs reflechis

By Barlow_Antar
56 terms by Barlow_Antar

French 3- Les verbes reflechis

By mmedavison
10 terms by mmedavison

French Verbs Reflechis

By skispider12
29 terms by skispider12

vrader/French2/unit 5/lesson 20/les verbes reflechis

By vraderTEACHER
38 terms by vraderTEACHER

French 9 - Les Verbs Reflechis

By madeleine093
22 terms by madeleine093

French réfléchis verbs

By SunyaS
124 terms by SunyaS

French 2 ADV Interro : les verbes réfléchis

By mithompson
27 terms by mithompson

French verbs reflechis

By jovidic
34 terms by jovidic

French Verb Reflechis

By karmstrong20
25 terms by karmstrong20

french 4 verbes reflechis

By liv545
34 terms by liv545

French Les Verbes Reflechis

By lizneitzel15
42 terms by lizneitzel15

French verb reflechis

By Reece_Keusch
22 terms by Reece_Keusch

French Verbs reflechis

By georgieporgie35
42 terms by georgieporgie35

French Verb Reflechis

By WGraif
41 terms by WGraif

French Les verbes reflechis

By lw51300
20 terms by lw51300

French Verbs Reflechis

By marlene112001
37 terms by marlene112001

French Reflechis verbs

By annabeasley16
33 terms by annabeasley16

French verbs réfléchis

By ashnac
115 terms by ashnac

French III Les Verbes Reflechis

By simoneclairewoolley
40 terms by simoneclairewoolley

French 11 Les verbes reflechis

By brianseokunpark
33 terms by brianseokunpark

french 9 les verbes réfléchis

By shaydang
18 terms by shaydang

French Verbes Reflechis

By Tharun_Karipireddy
20 terms by Tharun_Karipireddy

French Les Verbes Reflechis

By emichres5
43 terms by emichres5

french verbes réfléchis

By jkarldefrain17
38 terms by jkarldefrain17

french 10B/ verbe reflechis

By olive_kiminda5
62 terms by olive_kiminda5

French Vocab: Les Verbes Reflechis

By jessica_bapmblaqkpop
12 terms by jessica_bapmblaqkpop

French verbes reflechis

By caitlinwilliamson
41 terms by caitlinwilliamson

French Verbes reflechis

By Anouk-B
31 terms by Anouk-B

French verbes reflechis

By sammecca123
19 terms by sammecca123

French 4 Verbes Reflechis

By abyrd48
19 terms by abyrd48

French 4H Les Verbes Reflechis

By dfanto15
63 terms by dfanto15

French 3-Les Verbes Reflechis

By Rob_Davidson
68 terms by Rob_Davidson

Les verbs réfléchis - French

By ayefimov22
18 terms by ayefimov22

French Verbes Reflechis

By sophtheloaf
41 terms by sophtheloaf

French 201 "les verbes reflechis"

By maggie_sullivan1
29 terms by maggie_sullivan1

French les verbes réfléchis

By nellvin
24 terms by nellvin

Verbes réfléchis -Groupe 2

By MadameDoigTEACHER
13 terms by MadameDoigTEACHER

French 4H les verbes réfléchis

By Gabriel_Tugendstein
13 terms by Gabriel_Tugendstein

French 3A-Les Verbes Réfléchis

By grantja1
22 terms by grantja1

Les verbes refléchis french to english

By Abby332
23 terms by Abby332

French Final- verbes réfléchis

By Jegross
8 terms by Jegross

French Reflechi Verb

By akmckenzie4
20 terms by akmckenzie4