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verbs reflexive reciprocal

D'accord 3, 2.1 - reflexive/reciprocal verb conjugations (present tense)

52 terms By katysalzman Teacher

Reflexive/Reciprocal Verbs ch 2

30 terms By MmeDowden Teacher

D'accord 2-Unit 2 Reflexive, reciprocal, idiomatic verbs

58 terms By mkosman21 Teacher

D'accord 3: 2.1 Reflexive & Reciprocal Verbs

40 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

Italian 1- chapter 2 verbs (reflexive, reciprocal, expressions with fare)

31 terms By jackel19

French Reflexive/Reciprocal Verbs

45 terms By momo11momo

Les verbes reflexives

37 terms By Rosana_Anoh

Reflexive, Reciprocal, and Direct Object Pronouns

29 terms By lackeykimberly Teacher

U5 French Verbs - Reflexive Verbs in Present

108 terms By abosch Teacher

Italian reflexive, reciprocal verbs

46 terms By misssmiffa

U5 French Verbs - Reflexive Verbs in Passé Composé

56 terms By abosch Teacher

French reflexive & reciprocal verbs

42 terms By tweak41

Reflexive/reciprocal verbs

40 terms By CantcMe

reflexive & reciprocal verbs

44 terms By rz819

Reflexive & Reciprocal Verbs

41 terms By Demihale12

Reflexive reciprocal verbs

38 terms By courtney_2021

Practice: D'Accord! 3 Unit 2.1 Practice Grammar-Reflexive & Reciprocal Verbs

40 terms By MmeSilitch Teacher

Spanish 2: Reflexive/ Reciprocal Verbs

38 terms By rachaelnnicole

Reflexive/Reciprocal Verbs

39 terms By sullivans101

Reflexive/reciprocal verbs

30 terms By Cat_Madewell

reflexive/reciprocal verbs

37 terms By Miller806

Reflexive/Reciprocal Verbs

36 terms By cmmiskow

Reflexive & Reciprocal Verbs

43 terms By kayoh

Reflexive & Reciprocal Verbs

56 terms By eleader

reflexive/reciproc verbs

34 terms By fayms16

Reflexive/Reciprocal Verbs

48 terms By y2013izider

Reflexive & reciprocal verbs

35 terms By mcucullu

French reflexive & reciprocal verbs

45 terms By hesselm

Reflexive/Reciprocal Verbs

36 terms By Tomtastictikler

Reflexive + Reciprocal Verbs

45 terms By 17divyar

ITA - WEB - 15 - Reflexive / Reciprocal Verbs

42 terms By OriginalAlex

Verbes: reflexive verbs conjugated

28 terms By MlleSANABRIA

Reflexive/Reciprocal Verbs

40 terms By laurensp13

Reflexive/Reciprocal Verbs

44 terms By hsandy

french 3 reflexive/ reciprocal verbs

33 terms By studier7

Reflexive/reciprocal verbs

31 terms By piotero1

Reflexive/Reciprocal#1 Verbs

47 terms By LouTitan

F3: Reflexive & Reciprocal Verbs

55 terms By emmawilliams143

Reflexive & Reciprocal Verbs

45 terms By mlgrills

Verbs, Reflexive verbs, Reciprocal verbs

48 terms By michellecappy

Reflexive & Reciprocal verbs

44 terms By that_guy_AG

Reflexive & reciprocal verbs

30 terms By TotallyTaylorr

Dyer French Reflexive/Reciprocal Verbs

96 terms By hannahrodgers00

Reflexive, Reciprocal Verbs Quiz 1

20 terms By Alexandria_Henry

Reflexive/Reciprocal verbs

40 terms By margaretfergusson17

Reflexive/Reciprocal Verbs

35 terms By cheyenneparker7

Reflexive/ reciprocal verbs

35 terms By Ryan_Sara

Reflexive/Reciprocal Verbs

41 terms By scaress21

Reflexive/Reciprocal Verbs

43 terms By kmbarley

Reflexive/Reciprocal Verbs

40 terms By giasilli
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