VERB TENSE REVIEW - English Verbs - Forms

36 terms By Sandra_Rodgers Teacher

Perfect tense (past) with AVOIR

9 terms By MissJHughes

G2: irregular past tense verbs: backen-sehen

11 terms By rothme

G2: Irregular Verbs Simple Past

40 terms By rothme

Present tense - past tense sentences; Irregular verbs

37 terms By VeronikaArmstrong Teacher

Irregular Words - Past Tense Past Participle

122 terms By tomatotree Teacher

G2: irregular verbs past tense: beginnen-treffen

8 terms By rothme

G2: Irregular past tense verbs: finden-trinken

3 terms By rothme

Verb Tenses

9 terms By Mcgrath110 Teacher

G2: Irregular German verbs: bleiben-schreiben

4 terms By rothme

G2: Irregular German verbs (mixed) gehen-sein

6 terms By rothme


75 terms By SRALAWS

Verb Tenses

10 terms By StarBaby24

G2 Irregular Simple Past

75 terms By JParsell

English G2 irregular simple past

25 terms By sutempo

Schneewittchen - Grammatik 1 (perfect/impfct verb tenses)

17 terms By ulrichmk Teacher

Present Tense Conjugations of "Avere"

6 terms By OxfordComma1019 Teacher

1.1 past perfect verb tense

30 terms By vmarcucci Teacher

Present Tense Conjugations of "Essere"

6 terms By OxfordComma1019 Teacher

Verb Tense, Irregular Past Participles, and Irregular Present Subjunctive Verbs

54 terms By eshainepn

Verbs (English, base form --> past tense, past part.)

93 terms By MauricioSegura

English G2 Irregular Simple Past 2

17 terms By sutempo

Irish Irregular Verbs/ tenses

261 terms By pmurray11 Teacher

U1L1 G2 (irregular preterite)

9 terms By hannamc24

ESL Irregular Past Tense

30 terms By aagebhart Teacher

Irregular Verb Tenses

29 terms By daleks-explain

Past Verb Tense: Italian Past tense Past Participle (Passato Prossimo), Rules, and Irregulars

66 terms By Ju_Rooo

Irregular Verbs, Past Tense

81 terms By euricigarroa Teacher

"To Be" Verb Tense-Past, Present, Future

15 terms By Mzambruski Teacher

Spanish Regular and Irregular Past Participles

35 terms By jgovernali Teacher

Le passé composé: The perfect tense: Past tense

25 terms By 14zaunerce1

Spanish GCSE Verb tenses and irregulars for higher

32 terms By ivanastanley Teacher

Spanish "Perfect" Verb Tenses Irregulars

20 terms By myerscorey

Verb tense review

38 terms By Colegio_BG Teacher

Perfect tense (past) AVOIR - IRREGULARS

34 terms By FrKatamba

Base Verb ,simple past tense, past participle

23 terms By akash_tate

Past Participles / Irregular Endings for Verb Tenses

64 terms By caitlin_mcateer

Irregular verbs - Base form, past tense, past participle

96 terms By nicobecker

Past Tense/ Past Tense Irregular Verbs

14 terms By Amatai

Verb Tense Test

13 terms By EpicA123

irregular past tense / past participles and Spanish translation

50 terms By sabinetheobald

Irregular Verb Past Tense-Past Participle

25 terms By ktsu127

Strong and irregular weak verbs present tense vowel change simple past tense past participle subjunc…

143 terms By rhiannon_kerkes

L4 Verb Past Tense (Past affirmative⇒Past negative)

8 terms By sera Teacher

100 Irregular Past Tense Verbs

100 terms By BBakin Teacher

Irregular Verbs- Present Perfect Tense (Past Participle)

23 terms By Pmorse

Irregular Verbs-Present Perfect Tense (Past Participle)

42 terms By albatchelor21

Future Verb Tense-Irregular Stems

53 terms By MonsieurN Teacher

Group 1 Irregular Verbs

40 terms By brazil1010 Teacher

Verb tenses 1

30 terms By scottjhilton Teacher