G2: irregular past tense verbs: backen-sehen

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G2: Irregular Verbs Simple Past

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Present tense - past tense sentences; Irregular verbs

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G2: irregular verbs past tense: beginnen-treffen

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G2: Irregular past tense verbs: finden-trinken

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Irregular Words - Past Tense Past Participle

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G2: Irregular German verbs: bleiben-schreiben

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G2: Irregular German verbs (mixed) gehen-sein

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Verb Tense, Irregular Past Participles, and Irregular Present Subjunctive Verbs

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1.1 past perfect verb tense

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Irish Irregular Verbs/ tenses

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G2 Irregular Simple Past

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Irregular Verb Tenses

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Verbs (English, base form --> past tense, past part.)

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Spanish GCSE Verb tenses and irregulars for higher

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Past Verb Tense: Italian Past tense Past Participle (Passato Prossimo), Rules, and Irregulars

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Base Verb ,simple past tense, past participle

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Past Participles / Irregular Endings for Verb Tenses

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Past Tense/ Past Tense Irregular Verbs

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Spanish "Perfect" Verb Tenses Irregulars

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Perfect tense (past) AVOIR - IRREGULARS

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Strong and irregular weak verbs present tense vowel change simple past tense past participle subjunc…

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Irregular Verb Past Tense-Past Participle

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Irregular Verbs- Present Perfect Tense (Past Participle)

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Irregular Verbs-Present Perfect Tense (Past Participle)

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Future Verb Tense-Irregular Stems

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French Past Verb Tenses

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Irregular Verbs---Present Perfect Tense (Past Participle)

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Irregular Verbs Present Perfect Tense (Past Participle)

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MAG verb tenses (PAST)

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Irregular verb forms - infinitive/past tense/ past participle

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irregular past tense / past participles and Spanish translation

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Perfect tense (PAST) weak verbs

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Verb Tenses Present 1-2-3, Past 1-2-3, Future 1-2-3, Emphatic

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Spanish 4 Verb Tense Endings & Irregulars

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Irregular Verbs - Present Perfect Tense (Past Participle) Part I

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irregular Verb tense conjegations

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Rocky's Verbs (English, base form --> past tense, past part.)

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Irregular Preterite Tense (past tense) Verbs

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Irregular Verbs - Present Perfect Tense (Past Participle) Part II

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Verb tense past participle

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G2 Irregular verbs and modals

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Irregular verbs - perfect tense ( past tense)

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French irregular verbs in the perfect tense (past)

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PDG Rocky's Verbs II (English, base form --> past tense, past part.)

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B8 Irregular Past Tense Group 2 15Su

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verb tense (simple past of weak verbs)

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Irregular verbs in the past tense / past participles:Avoir

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