CLS Spanish IGCSE Spanish grammar - present, preterite, imperfect, simple future verb revision

20 terms By redmundson Teacher

3.1.2 grammar - imperfect tense

84 terms By dennett Teacher

Chapter 3 Grammar - Imperfect Verbs

60 terms By domofosho

Spanish Grammar: Imperfect Tense, Affirmative and Negative Expressions

69 terms By jmoyles

SPA2 Ch5B Grammar: Imperfect progressive tense

15 terms By kimiblanton Teacher

Spanish Vocab 3 and Grammar: Imperfect vs Preterit

38 terms By victoria_pistachio

Spanish Grammar: Words that signal the use of the imperfect

25 terms By amcguigan

Imperfect Spanish Grammar

32 terms By bmoore2014

Spanish Ch.5 Grammar Imperfect (Irregulars)

21 terms By carsonrbrown

Grammar Imperfect

49 terms By IshbelMacpherson

Grammar: Imperfect vs. Preterite

6 terms By xoxotxylor

Grammar - Imperfect: Tense Conj./Verbs in the Preterit

19 terms By katyalosack

spanish exam grammar (imperfect/preterite/regular irregular)

45 terms By Gwenever

Avancemos 3 U1 L2 Grammar (Imperfect) (-AR VERB)

6 terms By jpawloski13

Spanish Grammar: Imperfect

30 terms By Abigail_Connolly6

Chapter 2 Grammar- Imperfect tense

9 terms By koriemacdougall

4A Grammar Imperfect Irregular

19 terms By kaseyc_sydneyw

Spanish Grammar: Imperfect

30 terms By Shreyas_Saxena

Spanish Exam 2; Chapter 3; grammar; imperfect

7 terms By haydenlu

Lesson 3 Grammar Imperfect/Preterite Triggers

9 terms By maddie_clarke

Imperfect (Spanish Grammar)

24 terms By shar_bear42

Spanish Grammar: Preterit vs. Imperfect Key Words

34 terms By corablom

Spanish 203 Chapter 2 Grammar: Imperfect

30 terms By otrinh

Spanish Grammar: Preterit vs. Imperfect

12 terms By yamibakura96

Spanish 3 Midterm Grammar: imperfect tense

7 terms By alaynaokeefe

Spanish Grammar-preterite and imperfect

27 terms By eswimmer1

Spanish Ch 2 Grammar: Imperfect and Irregulars

13 terms By hillmr

Spanish II: Imperfect Vocab 3

18 terms By KimberlyRoseS

Spanish Grammar (Second Semester) -imperfect tense

24 terms By sroberts39

Grammar: Imperfect

7 terms By annie200111

Spanish grammar imperfect

15 terms By abbidurp

Spanish -- First Nine Weeks Test -- Grammar - Imperfect

16 terms By 12Qwerty12

Spanish Chapter 5 Grammar Imperfect Tense -AR

12 terms By Thomas_Aldrich

Spanish Grammar Imperfect

6 terms By Ryryesdebest

spanish grammar vocab semana 3

75 terms By jbeck94

Spanish (Grammar): Imperfect Progressive

15 terms By LucyPham

Spanish grammar differences- preterite, future & imperfect

27 terms By calebdunham

Spanish Grammar Quiz Prepositions, Subjunctive, and Preterite vs Imperfect

86 terms By vbuttry

Final Review- Grammar: Imperfect vs. Preterit

16 terms By kelsey_mcmanus

Spanish Grammar (Ch 1/2)

44 terms By bsauls

Practical Spanish Grammar ch. 3

115 terms By chezbrigitte

Spanish Grammar 3-4

8 terms By vvett

Sp 3 grammar (Imperfect Tense)

7 terms By camie_hall

Spanish Grammar: The Imperfect Irregulars

4 terms By yamibakura96

Practical Spanish Grammar ch. 3

76 terms By chezbrigitte

Spanish Final Grammar-Imperfect Progressive (Semester 2)

16 terms By jordinelson

Spanish Grammar: Imperfect Endings

7 terms By corablom

Vocab and Grammar Chap. 1-3 Spanish

160 terms By oneills

Spanish Grammar: Preterit vs. imperfect

10 terms By corablom

Imperfect Tense Spanish Grammar

5 terms By elzmc123