Spanish 3 Grammar: Imperfect Tense

By Brianna_Hoegler
16 terms by Brianna_Hoegler

Spanish 3 Midterm Grammar - Imperfect

By arianadanielle
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Spanish grammar: Imperfect tense

By syruso
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Spanish 2- Chapter 3 Grammar: Imperfect Tense

By Michaela_Rieser
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Spanish 3-Unit 2-Grammar-Imperfect

By Andrew_Sasser
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Spanish grammar: Imperfect tense

By gangevine
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Spanish 2: Chapter 3 Grammar Imperfect

By trent_walls
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Spanish Vocab 3 and Grammar: Imperfect vs Preterit

By victoria_pistachio
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Spanish 3: 1.2 Grammar- IMPERFECT

By annalanelee14
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Spanish grammar: Imperfect tense

By Rosie474
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Spanish- Grammar: Imperfect

By rain_islas
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Spanish II Grammar-Imperfect

By devinsim
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Spanish Grammar - Imperfect Tense

By bethrebel
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Spanish Imperfect Grammar

By Buehler_s19
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Spanish Grammar: Imperfect

By Abigail_Connolly6
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Spanish 3 imperfect vocabulary

By cnjdombrow
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Spanish grammar: imperfect

By harrietxoxo
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Spanish Imperfect/preterite grammar

By petrytay000
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Spanish grammar: Imperfect tense

By suzanne_kelly8
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Spanish grammar imperfect

By abbidurp
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Spanish Grammar - Preterite/Imperfect

By William_Furlow
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Spanish 2 Imperfect Grammar

By apusty03
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Spanish Grammar imperfect

By gabbn14
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Spanish Imperfect Grammar

By Becca_Evans9
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Spanish past/imperfect grammar

By johnzcarr
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Imperfect (Spanish Grammar)

By shar_bear42
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Spanish Grammar: Imperfect

By Shreyas_Saxena
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Chapter 3 Grammar - Imperfect

By el250622
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Grammar: Spanish Imperfect

By James_Chen816
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Spanish Grammar (Imperfect)

By kiwialski
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Spanish 2 Grammar (Imperfect)

By Eneh360
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Spanish: grammar (imperfect and preterite)

By mezrod
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spanish quiz - imperfect vocab and grammar

By Chepul
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Spanish Grammar: Preterit vs. imperfect

By corablom
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Spanish grammar - imperfect past tense

By alicehawes
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Spanish Grammar: Preterit vs. Imperfect

By yamibakura96
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vocabulary and grammar- spanish 3

By raweineh100
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Spanish 3 vocabulary and grammar

By zanderv123
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Vocabulary & Grammar Imperfect and Childhood Activities

By otangspanish3
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3 - Grammar - Preterit and Imperfect 1

By audreyburson
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Spanish grammar: Imperfect tense NATKIN

By neil_atkin
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Spanish 3 - Preterite and Imperfect

By jtheroux
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By leonideso
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3 - Grammar - Preterit and Imperfect 2

By audreyburson
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Grammar 3: imperfect, imperative, future

By dpasquarella
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Spanish 3 Preterit and Imperfect

By josawyer
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3: Imperfect Practice - English phrases --> Spanish imperfect

By Senorita_RiederTEACHER
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Imperfect (Spanish 2 Grammar) (Endings)

By Evan_Kent6
25 terms by Evan_Kent6