U6 French Grammar - Imperfect Tense Formation (Imparfait)

11 terms By abosch Teacher

Spanish Imperfect Verbs

48 terms By mwoznicki

Spanish grammar: Imperfect tense

36 terms By syruso Teacher

Italian Grammar: Imperfect Tense

12 terms By amythompsonsumner

3.1.2 grammar - imperfect tense

84 terms By dennett Teacher

Grammar - Imperfect Tense Endings and Stems

20 terms By DWaltersbgs Teacher

Grammar - Imperfect Tense Endings and Stems

20 terms By DWaltersbgs Teacher

Spanish Grammar: Imperfect Tense, Affirmative and Negative Expressions

69 terms By jmoyles

Grammar Imperfect Conjugations

28 terms By otangspanish3

SPA2 Ch5B Grammar: Imperfect progressive tense

15 terms By kimiblanton Teacher

Chapter 3 Grammar - Imperfect Verbs

60 terms By domofosho

Spanish Past Tense Preterite & Imperfect

254 terms By gbh

Chapter 3 Grammar - Imperfect Tense

48 terms By el250622

Grammar Imperfect Formation Review

30 terms By otangspanish3

Arabic Grammar: Imperfect Active "to go"

8 terms By melzcards

Spanish Grammar: Words that signal the use of the imperfect

25 terms By amcguigan

Imperfect Spanish Grammar

32 terms By bmoore2014

Grammar Imperfect

49 terms By IshbelMacpherson

Spanish Vocab 3 and Grammar: Imperfect vs Preterit

38 terms By victoria_pistachio

Grammar: Imperfect vs. Preterite

6 terms By xoxotxylor

Spanish Ch.5 Grammar Imperfect (Irregulars)

21 terms By carsonrbrown

spanish exam grammar (imperfect/preterite/regular irregular)

45 terms By Gwenever

grammar imperfect

32 terms By erincondon14

Spanish Grammar: Imperfect

30 terms By Abigail_Connolly6

Spanish II Grammar-Imperfect

20 terms By devinsim

Spanish Grammar: Preterit vs. Imperfect

12 terms By yamibakura96

Arabic Grammar: Imperfect Active for "to come"

8 terms By melzcards

Chapter 2 Grammar- Imperfect tense

9 terms By koriemacdougall

Portuguese 304 Chapter 16 Grammar: Imperfect

37 terms By otrinh

Fenn Grammar Imperfect Verb Practice

174 terms By fennspanish Teacher

Chapter 9 Italian Grammar: Imperfect

12 terms By DRivera128

Spanish Grammar: Imperfect Tense (Section 2)

16 terms By kiva_lanois

Chapter 10 (Grammar - Imperfect)

6 terms By nathanielaustin

Chapter 5 Grammar Imperfect of -ar verbs

15 terms By donohospanish2

4A Grammar Imperfect Irregular

19 terms By kaseyc_sydneyw

Spanish Grammar: Imperfect

30 terms By Shreyas_Saxena

Spanish 3 Grammar: Imperfect Tense

16 terms By Brianna_Hoegler

Ch. 5 Grammar: Imperfect Tense

25 terms By Ben_Geis

Imperfect (Spanish Grammar)

24 terms By shar_bear42

Spanish Grammar: Preterit vs. Imperfect Key Words

34 terms By corablom

123-grammar- imperfect

13 terms By claudiabov

CLS Spanish IGCSE Spanish grammar - present, preterite, imperfect, simple future verb revision

20 terms By redmundson

Chapter 9: Grammar (Imperfect, Choosing b/t preterite and imperfect, double object pronouns, and imp…

33 terms By ramzie_chouman

Spanish 203 Chapter 2 Grammar: Imperfect

30 terms By otrinh

Spanish Grammar-preterite and imperfect

27 terms By eswimmer1

Spanish Ch 2 Grammar: Imperfect and Irregulars

13 terms By hillmr

Spanish Grammar: Preterite vs Imperfect Key Words

27 terms By Kay_Wyatt

Spanish Grammar (Second Semester) -imperfect tense

24 terms By sroberts39

Avancemos 3 U1 L2 Grammar (Imperfect) (-AR VERB)

6 terms By jpawloski13

Lesson 10 (Grammar - Imperfect)

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