Esp 1 C2A Vocabulario

By SrtaAbarcaTEACHER
47 terms by SrtaAbarcaTEACHER

Esp. 2 - U1 E1: El viaje

By hkoziolTEACHER
23 terms by hkoziolTEACHER

Las frases útiles en la clase de español

By LaprofesoraSolisTEACHER
27 terms by LaprofesoraSolisTEACHER

Esp. 2 - U1 E1: Los verbos

By hkoziolTEACHER
14 terms by hkoziolTEACHER

Descubre 1-2 Vocabulario - Clase y universidad

By donCarlosLongTEACHER
21 terms by donCarlosLongTEACHER

Esp. 2 - U1 E2: La comida

By hkoziolTEACHER
23 terms by hkoziolTEACHER

Esp. 2 - U1 E2: Arte, Adjetivos y Verbos

By hkoziolTEACHER
28 terms by hkoziolTEACHER

Vocabulario 2A- Las clases

By senoritatomkoTEACHER
55 terms by senoritatomkoTEACHER

SP2 Bienvenidos a la clase de español Monday, August 31, 2015

By amigosclassTEACHER
9 terms by amigosclassTEACHER

First Semester Vocabulary - Spanish 1 2015

By jerbarnett17TEACHER
452 terms by jerbarnett17TEACHER

¡Avancemos! 1 Unidad 5 Lección 1

By cathyfrommissouriTEACHER
49 terms by cathyfrommissouriTEACHER

2A Vocabulario

By jfortuneTEACHER
46 terms by jfortuneTEACHER

Esp 1 Los números 0-100

By gcolionh
44 terms by gcolionh

Regular Present Tense -AR verbs (all from chapter)

By sharen-bermudezTEACHER
30 terms by sharen-bermudezTEACHER

En espanol 3: Unidad 1 Etapa 2, Materials

By sghsgarciaTEACHER
14 terms by sghsgarciaTEACHER

Esp I vocab 52

By laurawindish
20 terms by laurawindish

realidades 1, 5A

By profereevesTEACHER
61 terms by profereevesTEACHER

Affirmative Tú commands

By cathyfrommissouriTEACHER
30 terms by cathyfrommissouriTEACHER

Para empezar vocabulario: parte 2

By SrtaAbarcaTEACHER
45 terms by SrtaAbarcaTEACHER

The 12 Months (in Spanish)

By rebeccastevensonTEACHER
12 terms by rebeccastevensonTEACHER

Weather, Seasons, Months in Spanish

By magana-saenz
30 terms by magana-saenz

Esp 2 Voc 13-2

By Jane_Henricks
22 terms by Jane_Henricks

Unit 7-La escuela-Review Vocabulary

By mpico
83 terms by mpico

Para Empezar - En la clase

By mharris_mms
43 terms by mharris_mms

Spanish Common Verb List #1

By tomadams
43 terms by tomadams

En español 2: U1 E3 - Las noticias

By hkoziolTEACHER
37 terms by hkoziolTEACHER

Spanish 1 Subject Pronouns

By SrtaAbarcaTEACHER
25 terms by SrtaAbarcaTEACHER

Days and Months in Spanish

By taraj09TEACHER
19 terms by taraj09TEACHER

SPC Bienvenidos a la clase de español Monday, August 31, 2015

By amigosclassTEACHER
8 terms by amigosclassTEACHER

Mi Rutina Diaria: Reflexive Verbs

By heather_peckfelderTEACHER
25 terms by heather_peckfelderTEACHER

Español 1 - saludos y despedidas

By evanswTEACHER
24 terms by evanswTEACHER

Days of the Week and Months of the Year

By kfinch7TEACHER
22 terms by kfinch7TEACHER

Basic Spanish Months and Seasons

By GrapepickersTEACHER
17 terms by GrapepickersTEACHER

En Español 1 - Unidad 2, Etapa 1

By sragilbertnghsTEACHER
75 terms by sragilbertnghsTEACHER

Spanish Common Verb List #4

By tomadams
36 terms by tomadams

3.03 Spanish 1A Vocabulary

By drstromberg
34 terms by drstromberg

MNN Shokyu 1 Leccion 1 Vocabulario

By PepeluSenseiTEACHER
41 terms by PepeluSenseiTEACHER

"A" Realidades Spanish I, II, III Spanish Speaking Countries

By ricomoTEACHER
21 terms by ricomoTEACHER

Esp 1 C2A Vocabulary

By nickj1202
43 terms by nickj1202

Realidades 1 2A

By Dutchover
79 terms by Dutchover

adjetivos para caracterizar

By catatumbo
35 terms by catatumbo

5th Grade Spanish - Animals

By azilchTEACHER
20 terms by azilchTEACHER

Para empezar: en la clase

By sbertram22
60 terms by sbertram22

U2-E1 Vocabulario

By Sra_Haight
70 terms by Sra_Haight

Telling Time in Spanish

By SrtaAbarcaTEACHER
18 terms by SrtaAbarcaTEACHER

ESP I Lección 5 B Los Meses

By ellenvantongeren
65 terms by ellenvantongeren

adjectives in Spanish

By ojala7
56 terms by ojala7