French Vocabulary and Numbers set 2

By huffmanm
28 terms by huffmanm

French Vocabulary and Numbers set 1

By huffmanm
17 terms by huffmanm

French Numbers 1-20 Set 2

By WinterfloodTEACHER
20 terms by WinterfloodTEACHER

French vocabulary set 3 numbers 0-60

By huffmanm
16 terms by huffmanm

Numbers. French numbers vocabulary.

By molly_fuchs
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French Vocabulary -numbers

By espinozaerms
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French set 10 (numbers)

By Tom-Wilson
13 terms by Tom-Wilson

French numbers set 2

By Sparkleprincess0
10 terms by Sparkleprincess0

French numbers set 1

By Sparkleprincess0
11 terms by Sparkleprincess0

Exploring French Vocabulary-Numbers 0-1,000

By mmemcleish
46 terms by mmemcleish

Exploring French Vocabulary-Numbers 0-1,000

By MonsieurDrakeTEACHER
46 terms by MonsieurDrakeTEACHER

French Numbers Set 1

By biernatm
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By dovedaisy
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French Numbers set 1

By anja3001
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French set -numbers

By Sophia_Squeri
9 terms by Sophia_Squeri

French numbers set

By emma8900
31 terms by emma8900

French Numbers Set

By Cheyenne5150
20 terms by Cheyenne5150

French number study set

By jake0panda
15 terms by jake0panda

French numbers set #2

By Morgan_Corriveau
21 terms by Morgan_Corriveau

French Vocabulary Quiz - Numbers

By BrinaBeth
31 terms by BrinaBeth

French numbers set #2

By Jonah_Babin
21 terms by Jonah_Babin

French numbers stem set

By Seancowles
13 terms by Seancowles

French Numbers: Main Set

By drlego55
46 terms by drlego55

French Vocabulary - Chapitre 1 - Numbers

By laurenbyrum
38 terms by laurenbyrum

French Vocabulary-Numbers

By Elizabeth_Hartman4
31 terms by Elizabeth_Hartman4

Vocabulary - French Numbers 1-100

By FR1_ecot
100 terms by FR1_ecot

French Vocabulary - Numbers

By laurenbyrum
20 terms by laurenbyrum

French Number Set

By exhibita12
30 terms by exhibita12

French set number 2

By grahamabramo18
13 terms by grahamabramo18

French Vocabulary: Numbers and Ordinal numbers

By Andrea_Barbosa
47 terms by Andrea_Barbosa

French 1 Number Set

By eiting_taylor
31 terms by eiting_taylor

French 1 number set

By Loren_Berry
40 terms by Loren_Berry

French Vocabulary - Cardinal Numbers

By VastWhite
71 terms by VastWhite

French Vocabulary and Numbers

By renatarivera
124 terms by renatarivera

French I: Numbers Vocabulary

By LollipopLindsey
48 terms by LollipopLindsey

French 1 Vocabulary-Numbers

By emilyhodge541
69 terms by emilyhodge541

French Numbers 60-100 Ricucci's Set

By Giangian7
41 terms by Giangian7

French Vocabulary - Numbers

By mia_michelle02
10 terms by mia_michelle02

French: Vocabulary: Numbers

By potterhead_01
31 terms by potterhead_01

French Numbers Vocabulary

By kricherson17
21 terms by kricherson17

French vocabulary (numbers)

By Mehul_Odedra
20 terms by Mehul_Odedra

Exploratory French: Numbers & Math Vocabulary

By labachman
73 terms by labachman

French Vocabulary- Numbers and Seasons

By beattiea19
69 terms by beattiea19

French vocabulary green (numbers)

By Megan_Lamb31
8 terms by Megan_Lamb31

French Alphabet, Numbers, and Vocabularies

By ngunipanda
90 terms by ngunipanda

French 1 Vocabulary/Numbers

By Smithjames2016
116 terms by Smithjames2016

Vocabulary Set number 4

By kejopima
20 terms by kejopima

French numbers

By Madame_MurrayTEACHER
10 terms by Madame_MurrayTEACHER

Vocabulary set number#3

By Lynnelakareensiscate
10 terms by Lynnelakareensiscate