French numbers

By JWoolum
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French Numbers

By MadameCosteTEACHER
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French numbers 1-100

By mmecazalisTEACHER
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Numbers in French

116 terms by CCS_LOTETEACHER

French Numbers

By destineygraceTEACHER
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French Vocabulary- Numbers and Seasons

By beattiea19
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French 1 Vocabulary/Numbers

By Smithjames2016
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French Numbers

By mmenortonTEACHER
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French Alphabet, Numbers, and Vocabularies

By ngunipanda
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French Numbers - 11-20

By Anglehead
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French vocabulary green (numbers)

By Megan_Lamb31
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French Numbers

By quizlettejo
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french numbers

By lbillings5TEACHER
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French Numbers

By Familyof99
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French numbers 1-100

By ettouhami
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Numbers in French

By karinereedTEACHER
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French Numbers 0-100

By brownaatchsTEACHER
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French Numbers (1-31)

By Peter_Skipper1
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Numbers in French

By ealigbeTEACHER
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French numbers 1-50

By Ana_Garcia648
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French Numbers 0-10

By msakns
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French Numbers 1-10

By issakj
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French numbers

By julie_wilms
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Numbers in French

By mmepowellTEACHER
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French Numbers (1-30)

By madameburleson
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French numbers 1-100

By madamehendersonTEACHER
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FOOD - Numbers in French

By MissGraciet
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French Numbers 11-20

By johndemlerTEACHER
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Numbers 1-31 French


French Numbers (1-30)

By MadameLovejoyTEACHER
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French 1 Number Vocabulary

By csigmund7
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French numbers 1-100

By MadameLovejoyTEACHER
100 terms by MadameLovejoyTEACHER

French Numbers 0-20

By MadameGoldwasserTEACHER
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Exploratory French: Numbers & Math Vocabulary

By labachman
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By amcameron
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French numbers

By thegreathoha19
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Les chiffres - the numbers in French

By nldt22TEACHER
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French Ordinal Numbers

20 terms by LoteJJCahillTEACHER

French Numbers 1-20

By MmeFarabaugh
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Numbers 1-10 in French

By rodway
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Numbers in French

By ctabellionTEACHER
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Numbers In French

By Julio_Guevara1
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French Numbers (0-30)

31 terms by FrenchFMSTEACHER

French numbers 1-100

By Ara_Pelz
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French Numbers (1-30)

By Schirbel
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French Numbers

By wespindola
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Numbers in French

By csaynt
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French Numbers (1-30)

33 terms by MmeMcGillTEACHER

French numbers

By Senora_Ingoglia
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