GRE Vocabulary roots 1-101

By rahjohndun
101 terms by rahjohndun

GRE Root List 1

By lindalydia
25 terms by lindalydia

MSU GRE Roots 1

By EvanKzn
100 terms by EvanKzn

MSU GRE Roots 1

By hikaruit15
100 terms by hikaruit15

MSU GRE Roots 1

By carley_henke
100 terms by carley_henke

GRE Vocabulary Roots

By vanessa_p_
21 terms by vanessa_p_

GRE root 1 - 21

By ricardo_vidrio
21 terms by ricardo_vidrio

GRE Vocabulary Group 1

By BethBeardallTEACHER
77 terms by BethBeardallTEACHER

GRE Vocabulary Roots 204

By rahjohndun
29 terms by rahjohndun

GRE vocabulary root words

By carmensandiegoky
236 terms by carmensandiegoky

GRE Root Words (1)

By kaitlyn_leigh17
30 terms by kaitlyn_leigh17

GRE Root list 1

By Stephii_Nortz
50 terms by Stephii_Nortz

GRE Root Vocab 1

By voxhaularific
20 terms by voxhaularific

GRE Vocabulary (Root list: part 1)

By chandertseng
30 terms by chandertseng

Vocab for the GRE Roots 1 - 5

By ginia_gutierrez
25 terms by ginia_gutierrez

GRE Roots 1-5

By bidiroy
25 terms by bidiroy

GRE Study 1 [ROOTS]

By hgoleta
43 terms by hgoleta

GRE Vocabulary (roots)

By megan_nelson6
305 terms by megan_nelson6

GRE Vocabulary (Roots)

By morganwc22
18 terms by morganwc22

GRE Root List 1

By cbanfill
16 terms by cbanfill

GRE Vocabulary: Roots and Afixes

By lizanne_zweigart
211 terms by lizanne_zweigart

GRE roots 1

By clw353
37 terms by clw353

GRE roots 1-5

By Bellybutton824
25 terms by Bellybutton824

[GRE] Root List 1

By trung_q__ha
25 terms by trung_q__ha

GRE Root Words 1

By Joseph_Crapanzano3
25 terms by Joseph_Crapanzano3

GRE Root List 1

By danielle_green5
308 terms by danielle_green5

GRE Roots 1-4

By Paige_Brown90
20 terms by Paige_Brown90


By heather_lynn26
35 terms by heather_lynn26

gre vocabulary advanced 1

By susheelbharrgavk
46 terms by susheelbharrgavk

GRE Root List 1

By abbymarodi
100 terms by abbymarodi

GRE Roots list1

By jennimarques
72 terms by jennimarques

GRE Roots week1

By nhs2_PhillipChen
100 terms by nhs2_PhillipChen

GRE Vocabulary Roots

By adamscp47
299 terms by adamscp47

GRE Vocabulary Root List

By elise_bruley
306 terms by elise_bruley

GRE Vocabulary-Word Roots

By Debanjoli_Das
214 terms by Debanjoli_Das

GRE vocabulary word roots

By tonylamajama
8 terms by tonylamajama

GRE Vocabulary - Word Roots

By arlene_ellwood
300 terms by arlene_ellwood

GRE - Vocabulary Roots

By katrinadjose
10 terms by katrinadjose

Root word vocabulary (GRE)

By Bilikis_Ogunboyejo
114 terms by Bilikis_Ogunboyejo

GRE vocabulary #1

By emily_chao3
8 terms by emily_chao3

GRE Vocabulary Roots 101-204

By rahjohndun
104 terms by rahjohndun

GRE Root Words with Examples 1-30

By alisha_eastep
30 terms by alisha_eastep

GRE Vocabulary Test 1

By aviyouTEACHER
200 terms by aviyouTEACHER

GRE roots part 1

By donnaty
69 terms by donnaty

GRE - Vocabulary Roots II

By katrinadjose
10 terms by katrinadjose

GRE root set 1

By rahul_joshi4
19 terms by rahul_joshi4

GRE - Vocabulary Roots III

By katrinadjose
13 terms by katrinadjose

GRE Vocabulary - Week 1

By lizbet517TEACHER
49 terms by lizbet517TEACHER

GRE Vocabulary, Part 1

By OxfordComma1019TEACHER
50 terms by OxfordComma1019TEACHER

GRE- Root Words 1

By wootenc11
100 terms by wootenc11