Spanish 1 vocabulary/verbs

By Jacob_Lazarus2
432 terms by Jacob_Lazarus2

Spanish Reflexive Verbs and Vocabulary

By elizabethmays
49 terms by elizabethmays

Spanish Dinner and Verbs Vocabulary

By RohanFW
16 terms by RohanFW

Spanish Reflexive verbs

By waymon_hawkinsTEACHER
26 terms by waymon_hawkinsTEACHER

Spanish Verbs

By lwong74TEACHER
10 terms by lwong74TEACHER

Spanish Verb Master Vocabulary

By grace-kim-
43 terms by grace-kim-

Spanish verbs

By swrighthhk33
8 terms by swrighthhk33

Spanish II Vocabulary: Reflexive Verbs

By bkitch
12 terms by bkitch

Spanish Education Vocabulary and Verbs

By clarabell514
55 terms by clarabell514

spanish verbs

By AngelaLamber7
17 terms by AngelaLamber7

Spanish Verbs

20 terms by SraCrewsTEACHER

ir verbs (Spanish)

By Joel_VillegasTEACHER
14 terms by Joel_VillegasTEACHER

Spanish Verbs

By Billy_GerchickTEACHER
60 terms by Billy_GerchickTEACHER

Spanish vocabulary (Verbs)

By Adams__01
23 terms by Adams__01

Spanish III - reflexive verbs vocabulary - October 2015

By Elaine_Bolyard
34 terms by Elaine_Bolyard

Spanish Verb - Advance 1

By teacher9335
83 terms by teacher9335

Spanish Verbs

By nettersweet
61 terms by nettersweet

Spanish Verb Basic

By teacher9335
28 terms by teacher9335

Spanish Verbs

By Gail_Ramirez
51 terms by Gail_Ramirez

Spanish Verbs

By AjayVignesh01
66 terms by AjayVignesh01

Spanish Go verb Vocabulary

By Kevin_Vernon
29 terms by Kevin_Vernon

Spanish Vocabulary Verbs

By sarah_rodriguez298
136 terms by sarah_rodriguez298

Spanish Verb Vocabulary

By audreyspensley
154 terms by audreyspensley

Spanish Vocabulary for Storytelling- verbs

By Levterova
26 terms by Levterova

Spanish Verbs Vocabulary

By FeWoodruff
10 terms by FeWoodruff

Spanish Vocabulary Verbs

By Miya123456789
32 terms by Miya123456789

-AR Spanish Verbs

By magistramartinTEACHER
30 terms by magistramartinTEACHER

Spanish U1 Vocabulary & Verbs

8 terms by castilloSFHSTEACHER

Spanish 101 Vocabulary: AR verbs

By lzkatz
12 terms by lzkatz

Spanish Verbs

By Abe_Levine
10 terms by Abe_Levine

Spanish-Seifert-beginning verbs vocabulary

By slseifert3
40 terms by slseifert3

Spanish Reflexive Verbs Vocabulary

By ounor
9 terms by ounor

Spanish II Important Verb Vocabulary

By jbrickspartan
110 terms by jbrickspartan

Spanish 1: -ar verbs vocabulary

By fostert08TEACHER
35 terms by fostert08TEACHER

Spanish Verb Vocabulary

By Kaleigh4502
15 terms by Kaleigh4502

Spanish Verb Vocabulary

By quirinamedici
22 terms by quirinamedici

Spanish Verbs

By sophiabk
60 terms by sophiabk

Spanish Vocabulary - Verbs

By Fwafwaf
41 terms by Fwafwaf

Spanish Chapter 5: verb vocabulary

By Profesora_Abrams
14 terms by Profesora_Abrams

Spanish Verb Vocabulary

By ChanningTatumIsBae
154 terms by ChanningTatumIsBae

Spanish Vocabulary Verbs

By annemariepatalano
25 terms by annemariepatalano

Spanish verb vocabulary list

By anisa308
52 terms by anisa308

Spanish Regular -AR Verbs

By cecilia_cross5TEACHER
90 terms by cecilia_cross5TEACHER

Spanish verb vocabulary

By Callaghan_Smith
17 terms by Callaghan_Smith

Spanish I vocabulary (Verbs/Actions)

By Linda_McCloskyTEACHER
41 terms by Linda_McCloskyTEACHER

Spanish Vocabulary: Verbs

By Jennifer_Espersen
119 terms by Jennifer_Espersen

Spanish Vocabulary: Verbs

By Leekobudd
50 terms by Leekobudd

Spanish Vocabulary Verbs

By tsmall04
32 terms by tsmall04

Verbs Spanish Vocabulary

By Molli_Hillman
22 terms by Molli_Hillman

Spanish Vocabulary (Verbs)

By sarahhyoon
13 terms by sarahhyoon