Spanish Verbs (vocab)

27 terms By Ashley_Draeger

Boot Verbs/Vocab. (Spanish)

37 terms By geethmapathi

Spanish verbs that behave like the verb "gustar"

40 terms By LiveTheLanguage Teacher

Spanish Verb Infinitives: escribir - perder

28 terms By Senora_Barnhouse Teacher

Chapter 4 Spanish verb vocab

28 terms By ewazhere111

Spanish Verb Vocab

57 terms By musictoldme2

Spanish verbs vocab

49 terms By jsangalang18

Spanish Verbs: 6th Grade Vocab

50 terms By sueverjacob

Spanish Verb Vocab

60 terms By KelseyKuhn18

Spanish verb vocab

60 terms By Kennabee

verb vocab spanish 1

23 terms By bowlingcd

Spanish Verbs Vocab - Regular

45 terms By tsdegoede

Spanish Verbs and random vocab

63 terms By swhebda

spanish verbs/vocab

4 terms By riley_zimmerman

Spanish Verbs and Vocab

125 terms By TristenBonnette

Spanish Verbs - Spanish 1 Vocab

28 terms By abbyem

NCS Spanish 1-2 Verbos (Boot Verbs)

32 terms By teri_beckner Teacher

Spanish Verb Vocab

56 terms By Slinky

verb vocab spanish final

67 terms By Jenna_Brenneman

Vocab for Spanish Verbs Exam 2

78 terms By Sherman_Franklin

Spanish Verb List Vocab

73 terms By TKNike10

Slaight Spanish Verbs Lesson 3 Vocab (AR)

74 terms By Libbie_Miller517

Spanish verbs and vocab

55 terms By jillkoop

Spanish Verb Vocab

46 terms By S_Arons

Spanish 101 Vocab (Spanish -AR verbs)

27 terms By tjarboe0003

Stupid ass Spanish verb vocab

52 terms By sophleto

Verbs Vocab spanish

60 terms By veronica1319

Spanish verbs & vocab 01

50 terms By mickeymantha

Spanish Verbs/Vocab

50 terms By bobcat2016

Spanish verb vocab

51 terms By codycamp

Spanish verbs vocab (Galloway)

61 terms By abbeytjordan9

Spanish Verb Vocab

49 terms By emmab19612

Spanish verbs vocab

58 terms By smarabayeva

Spanish Verbs Vocab

59 terms By higginsonl207827

Spanish verb vocab

55 terms By ElizabethClaire2000

Verbs vocab Spanish

30 terms By jferrarini19st

vocab 3.1 spanish verbs

8 terms By ineedthisthing

Spanish verbs vocab test

40 terms By nellywilko

Verbs vocab Spanish 3

43 terms By Kimberlydesouza

Spanish Verbs and Vocab

38 terms By colinliebe

Spanish Verb Vocab

42 terms By rweber44

Basic Spanish Verb Vocab

62 terms By alfaroc

Spanish Verbs Vocab

55 terms By sadiesublousky

Spanish Verbs Vocab

65 terms By katieVA1

Spanish verbs and vocab

46 terms By abbe_wentland

Spanish Verb Vocab

52 terms By anries10