Spanish to English Vocabulary - Verbs and Adjectives


Verbs English to Spanish

44 terms by Sra_MikiTEACHER

Phrasal Verbs (English - Spanish)

By Glenn_SpechtTEACHER
159 terms by Glenn_SpechtTEACHER

Spanish English Vocabulary - Verbs & Adjectives

By Juanner
40 terms by Juanner

Vocabulary Spanish English Verbs and Adjectives

By yadira_chumpitaz
40 terms by yadira_chumpitaz

vocabulary Spanish English verbs and adjectives

By quizlette3327406
40 terms by quizlette3327406

vocabulary Spanish English verbs and abjetive

By Carlos1042
33 terms by Carlos1042

Vocabulary Spanish English Verbs and Adjectives

By quizlette7166668
40 terms by quizlette7166668

vocabulary spanish english verbs and adjective

By Iris84
40 terms by Iris84

Vocabulary Spanish English Verbs and Adjectives

By Gianella18
40 terms by Gianella18

vocabulary spanish english verbs and adjectives

By Moises749
60 terms by Moises749

vocabulary spanish english verbs and adjective

By elizabeth23219
40 terms by elizabeth23219

Vocabulary Spanish English verbs and Adjectives

By daisy871
20 terms by daisy871

Vocabulary Spanish English Verbs and Adjectives

By Jeshael5
40 terms by Jeshael5

Beginner Verbs English/Spanish

By Jason_Mccarthy10TEACHER
23 terms by Jason_Mccarthy10TEACHER

common English/Spanish verbs

By ajames34
31 terms by ajames34

Verb test- Spanish to English

By erinegriffin
63 terms by erinegriffin

Spanish 1A Non-Regular Verbs (Spanish-English)

By senoracoatesTEACHER
59 terms by senoracoatesTEACHER

Color TV Spanish/English verbs

By drjrodriguezTEACHER
20 terms by drjrodriguezTEACHER

The Verb Ir Vocabulary (English to Spanish)

By snowwhite154
9 terms by snowwhite154

Verb Adjectives English/Spanish

By Enedina_Spanner
28 terms by Enedina_Spanner

Infinitive verbs Spanish - English

By SraFuentes2
74 terms by SraFuentes2

Verbs (English/ Spanish)

By gaambeck
10 terms by gaambeck

Regular verbs (Spanish to English)

22 terms by Swenson-JTEACHER

Common Verbs in English & Spanish

By meghan_muir
33 terms by meghan_muir

Pantoja - ELL Verbs (English-Spanish)

23 terms by LoraDavisTEACHER

ESL Verbs (English - Spanish)

By George110765TEACHER
42 terms by George110765TEACHER

Spanish - English Verbs

By Mary_Collins68TEACHER
33 terms by Mary_Collins68TEACHER

Spanish - English Verbs

By SashaOsterTEACHER
33 terms by SashaOsterTEACHER

List of Regular Verbs English-Spanish

40 terms by SrtaFitzTEACHER

50 verbs-English to spanish

By Justin_Henry21
49 terms by Justin_Henry21

Verb to be Spanish English

By frank8712
9 terms by frank8712

Basic Verbs (English-Spanish)

By MrsTrippENL
58 terms by MrsTrippENL

ESL Verbs (English - Spanish)

By vsglezTEACHER
42 terms by vsglezTEACHER

Verbs English / Spanish

By The_Zero
38 terms by The_Zero

Verbs, Spanish-English

By Stinson_ESOL
54 terms by Stinson_ESOL

Verbs and Adverbs (Spanish/English)

By kpacheco8
15 terms by kpacheco8

English/Spanish Verbs

By creid1013
33 terms by creid1013

Spanish verbs to English verbs

By panda1451
27 terms by panda1451

Verbs English - Spanish 2

By TeacherLuisMAchi
36 terms by TeacherLuisMAchi

Spanish Verbs (Spanish~English)

By bet2016
142 terms by bet2016

Action Verbs-English/Spanish

By mrstiradoeslTEACHER
26 terms by mrstiradoeslTEACHER

Verbs, English to Spanish

By fer102
50 terms by fer102

Verbs English and Spanish

By TeacherLuisMAchi
30 terms by TeacherLuisMAchi

Beginner Verbs English/Spanish

By ESLdarrow
23 terms by ESLdarrow

Spanish 1A Non-Regular Verbs (Spanish-English)

By floresv79TEACHER
59 terms by floresv79TEACHER

Health (verbs) (Spanish to English)

By Tara_Winters
34 terms by Tara_Winters

Test 4 Verb Vocabulary, English to Spanish

By trent_swain
11 terms by trent_swain

Irregular Verbs- English/Spanish

By Regina_WinemillerTEACHER
35 terms by Regina_WinemillerTEACHER

Irregular Verbs English Spanish

By alfredo_breton
43 terms by alfredo_breton