French Future Simple Irregulars

23 terms By Dylan_Sutherland

French Future Irregular Verb Stems

31 terms By nitin_595

French Future Simple Irregulars

14 terms By mmesusansmith Teacher

French Future Tense Irregular Stems

11 terms By kgrosso Teacher

Irregular Verbs French 1

71 terms By astefanik1 Teacher

Future: Irregular Verbs

55 terms By Sra_Miller Teacher

French Futur Verb Stems: irregular

15 terms By RebeccaLGrow

French Futur Simple Irregular Verb Stems

18 terms By zach_weiss

Futur - irregular stems

11 terms By jlsigman4 Teacher

ASD2, 8: Future, Irregular Verbs

54 terms By HeilLL Teacher

French Future Simple Irregulars

22 terms By joannaluft

French conditional/future irregular stems

53 terms By JessW88

French Future Simple Irregulars

24 terms By droboto

Simple Future Irregular Verbs

26 terms By kitandkoobodle

French Futur Tense (Irregular)

20 terms By cheeno

future irregular verb vocab

11 terms By sramoore1 Teacher

French future tense

12 terms By julianne_wey2

French Future Tense Verbs

24 terms By ksachs

Le Futur irregular

15 terms By romani14

French future tense irregular beginning

12 terms By ymizota-lockey Teacher

French Future Stems

72 terms By helena_zhao

devoir-to have to-must-French future tense

10 terms By frenchetc

Unit 8 future irregular verbs

9 terms By maywaltspan2 Teacher

Future of Irregular verbs - French II

9 terms By cayerchem Teacher

French - Future Tense - Irregular Verbs - QEH

12 terms By pjkirby Teacher

French - future stems!

25 terms By Monsieur_Jones Teacher

Future (Irregular Verbs)

15 terms By aschulte12

Irregular French Futur Simple Verbs

23 terms By ConnorGlendinning

French Futur/Cond Irreg. stems

14 terms By MadameLovejoy Teacher

Le Futur Irregular Verbs- French

16 terms By monoves

Spanish Future Irregular Verbs

12 terms By michoutim Teacher

Italian Verbs Future Irregular

96 terms By grnmjc

Conditional and Future Irregular Verbs

22 terms By glehman Teacher

French future tense irregular stems

22 terms By rosenja

French Future Tense Irregular Stems

24 terms By bookwrm209 Teacher

FR II - Irregular Future Tense Verbs (French)

18 terms By lucylholmes Teacher

French Futur Simple Irregular Verbs

18 terms By zoehunter14

Futur irregular

32 terms By mneiman

future irregular verbs

9 terms By StaMarshall Teacher

French Future Tense

85 terms By hollyconnelly Teacher

French Future Tense Irregular Stems

18 terms By Chavez227

French Future Verbs

16 terms By Zaffy

French Verbs-Futur (Irregulars)

22 terms By BGreen1

French future tense verb roots

30 terms By trent

Irregular Futur Verbs - French

16 terms By annasayssmile

French 3- Le Futur: Irregular Verb Stems

25 terms By 15mward

Futur irregular verbs French

19 terms By averyf527

French Future Irregular Verb Stems

12 terms By olliec

French Future Irregular Verbs

19 terms By Logan_Thornton2

Conditional/Future Irregular Verb Stems

11 terms By Saintsmalawi Teacher