150 French Verbs (Infinitive)

150 terms By mastertails

Mr Fitz: regular French -er verb (infinitives)

37 terms By ad_fitz2002 Teacher

Key French verbs - infinitives

20 terms By MFLatBSCS Teacher

-RE verb infinitives

18 terms By HoelleC Teacher

List of verbs (infinitive)

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french 2 ir verb infinitives

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Sims French ER Verbs (Infinitives)

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verb + infinitive

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100 French Verbs (infinitive)

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verb + infinitive

28 terms By Languagesandmore Teacher

RE verbs. infinitive

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Leçon 7D, verb + infinitive

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103-A. Reflexive verbs infinitives

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French verbs infinitive

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Regular "-er" verbs INFINITIVE

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Garder la forme: Staying healthy :Key verb infinitives

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Vocabulary - Verbs (Infinitive)

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Reprise 1 Verbs (Infinitives)

150 terms By leflash Teacher

Reflexive verbs infinitives

31 terms By mcmfrench2015 Teacher

Mr Fitz: regular French -ir verb (infinitives)

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Verb + Infinitive

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BV1 - Ch 3 - VERB & Infinitive

18 terms By utlars Teacher

Verbs & Infinitives

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French Irregular Verb infinitive with meanings

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La Nourriture - er verbs (infinitives)

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Regular "-er" verbs INFINITIVE

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French Verbs (infinitive)

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Mr Fitz: regular French -re verb (infinitives)

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French 1 regular -er verb infinitives with images

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French (verbs - infinitive)

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verb infinitives

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