U8 French Verbs - Irregular Future Simple

90 terms By abosch TEACHER

Common irregular French verbs (conjugation practice)

180 terms By jennifer_w_crespin TEACHER

Irregular French Verbs

37 terms By MmeConover TEACHER

Int 3 Verbs irregular (CARDS)

40 terms By George110765 TEACHER

Irregular French Verbs - meanings

37 terms By bcilluffo TEACHER

Preterit Verbs (Irregular)

60 terms By fshoffstall TEACHER

Int 4 Verbs Irregular (CARDS)

40 terms By George110765 TEACHER

Practice with irregular French verbs in conditional

35 terms By margot_sieracki TEACHER

L6-1(るverbs & Irregular verbs)

11 terms By MakikoFukuda TEACHER

4 irregular French verbs

26 terms By MadameMagnifique TEACHER

Verbs Irregular (French)

56 terms By beardo

verbes irregular french II

51 terms By sophiecudd

Irregular French verb conjugations

110 terms By Ccswimmer57

Past Participles Irregular French Verbs

30 terms By papillon4 TEACHER

10 irregular French verbs in present tense

64 terms By MadameMagnifique TEACHER

Irregular French 1 Verbs

22 terms By eleanor_daquitaine TEACHER

21 verbs irregular in the present

50 terms By madamekatiecohen TEACHER

irregular French verbs

18 terms By Stmaryshighschool TEACHER

Irregular French verbs (imperfect)

38 terms By spanishguydude

Les Verbes Irregulares FRENCH IV HONORS

26 terms By Emma_Paulus

Verbs (Irregular) - French

9 terms By Kam2205

Pass tense Verbs irregular French

16 terms By Kabilan_Puvaneswaran

Verbs Irregular-French

6 terms By acunha2018

Irregular French Past Participles

22 terms By mrverney TEACHER

Irregular French Verbs In The Present Tense

42 terms By alisonjphillips TEACHER

Irregular French Verbs (RN)

34 terms By cavalier

Ch 4 Verbs: Irregular

17 terms By SenoraLong_MTHS TEACHER

Irregular French Verbs

50 terms By MorghenHearsAWho

Irregular french verbs

11 terms By lindsey_friend3

Irregular French Verbs In The Present Tense

42 terms By slauret TEACHER

Past Participle French Verbs Irregular

4 terms By madamekatiecohen TEACHER

Irregular French Verbs

182 terms By Yeomen94

Conditional & Future Verbs - Irregular Stems

16 terms By GoldenBowes TEACHER

Irregular French Verbs

30 terms By TheRibosome

Irregular French Verbs

11 terms By Coda4451