Stems for irregular French verbs in future/ conditionnel

19 terms By MonsieurSharkey Teacher

Irregular French Verb Conjugation

36 terms By lilibadeaux

Irregular French Verbs

36 terms By Eparham

Irregular French verbs

72 terms By Jrowley97

Irregular French Verbs

30 terms By abbyhollya

Irregular French Verbs

14 terms By Devyn_Itula

Irregular French Verbs

30 terms By natalie_kulick

the verb voir and irregular verbs: irregular past participles

13 terms By 13etaylor

Unité 4: Verbs irregular -IR

8 terms By kimplamondon Teacher

MR. MELE's Latin Grammar: VERBS- IRREGULAR "sum" (to be)

9 terms By gregorymele Teacher

CCA Deutsch 2 verbs irregular past participles

39 terms By deutschmachtklug Teacher

Irregular French verbs- present

54 terms By Anna_Maria97

irregular french verbs

36 terms By narf

Irregular French Verbs Quiz 2 (conjugations)

48 terms By Makala_luvs_ya

Irregular French verbs

35 terms By maybejune

imparfait verbs irregular

96 terms By alizahflesher

Irregular french verbs

42 terms By crossleya

irregular french verbs

63 terms By jpaulus219

Irregular French Verbs

68 terms By olegan

Irregular French Verbs

29 terms By Michaelsavt

Irregular French verb meanings

28 terms By realistcflyingtiger

Irregular French Verbs

28 terms By mmushaben

Irregular French Verbs

26 terms By Abnoctopus

Irregular French 4 Verbs

77 terms By snowybutterfly

Irregular French Verbs

36 terms By nsanford3688

Irregular French verbs (PC)

18 terms By cdwalker

French Verbs - Irregular Future Simple

72 terms By violingirl223

Verbs Irregular Past, Level 2

10 terms By piumadeath Teacher

Passé composé irregulars (French 2)

25 terms By nicodelaney Teacher

Irregular French Verbs: Past Participles and Imparfait Root

92 terms By anthonyteacher Teacher

verb irregular -ir verbs

9 terms By Candy-Joness

Irregular French Verbs

109 terms By rachellia

Irregular french verbs er

36 terms By sbossart

Irregular French Verbs Quiz 3 (conjugations)

48 terms By Makala_luvs_ya

Irregular French Verbs For French 1

50 terms By brendawahl Teacher

Irregular French Verbs

51 terms By cblackwell6

Irregular present tense verbs- Irregular verbs resembling regular verbs

53 terms By MrTheBroMoe

irregular french verbs 2

138 terms By 12jferguson3

Irregular French Verbs

36 terms By wvn12

French Verbs- Irregular

56 terms By sammy_landau

Irregular French Verbs

156 terms By Becky_Jenson

French verbs irregular in the present tense

77 terms By lwalker40

irregular french verbes

67 terms By celine_erginbalmer

Irregular French Past Participles

44 terms By groef

Irregular French Verbs From Period 6

33 terms By olyfrench

French Verbs Irregular P.P.

33 terms By quinr14

French - Verbs Irregular - Stem Changing -ER

22 terms By Quizzer-797

Irregular French Verbs

20 terms By ashleytastic87

all irregular french verbs

42 terms By smileybookwormy

French Verbs: irregulars

102 terms By katybeth555