Irregular French verbs

31 terms By hardeharhar

Irregular French Futur Simple Verbs

23 terms By ConnorGlendinning

Descubre 1 Lesson 4 Vocab: verbs with irregular yo forms

25 terms By mwfite Teacher

Unité 4: Verbs irregular -RE

13 terms By kimplamondon Teacher

Stems for irregular French verbs in future/ conditionnel

19 terms By MonsieurSharkey Teacher

MR. MELE's Latin Grammar: VERBS- IRREGULAR "sum" (to be)

9 terms By gregorymele Teacher

NI2 U6: Voc --> Verbs (Irregular participles for present perfect)

40 terms By pefri Teacher

Irregular French Verbs (être, avoir and aller)

21 terms By AW53105

French - Regular Verbs, Irregular Verbs, and Conjunctions

41 terms By Aria_Hadji

Irregular French verbs

42 terms By alyxjohnstone

New Irregular French Verbs

35 terms By ilikemakingsouffles

4 Main Irregular French Verbs

48 terms By mrtamez

Conjugation contest set: regular verbs, irregular verbs, irregular past participles

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Common Irregular French Verbs

47 terms By mmaz409

Irregular French Verbs

36 terms By Eparham

Top irregular French verbs

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CCA Deutsch 2 verbs irregular

60 terms By deutschmachtklug Teacher

20 Most Common Verbs (Irregulars)

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Irregular French verbs

72 terms By Jrowley97

Irregular French Verbs

30 terms By abbyhollya

Irregular French Verbs

30 terms By natalie_kulick

the verb voir and irregular verbs: irregular past participles

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Irregular French Verbs Quiz 2 (conjugations)

48 terms By Makala_luvs_ya

Irregular French Verb Conjugation

36 terms By lilibadeaux

Irregular French Verbs Conjugated

79 terms By AlexQuigley

Irregular French verbs

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irregular french verbs

36 terms By narf

GO Verbs (Irregular)

51 terms By JRENNHOFF Teacher

imparfait verbs irregular

96 terms By alizahflesher

Irregular French Verbs

14 terms By Devyn_Itula

Irregular french verbs

42 terms By crossleya

irregular french verbs

63 terms By jpaulus219

Spanish Verbs - Irregular - Con Brío Chapter 1-4

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Irregular French Verbs

68 terms By olegan

Irregular French Verbs

29 terms By Michaelsavt

Irregular French verb meanings

28 terms By realistcflyingtiger

Irregular French verbs (PC)

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Irregular French Verbs

26 terms By Abnoctopus

Irregular French Verbs

36 terms By nsanford3688

Irregular French Verbs

28 terms By mmushaben

Irregular French 4 Verbs

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French Verbs - Irregular Future Simple

72 terms By violingirl223

French- verbs & irregular verbs

18 terms By lindseyduncan

CCA Deutsch 2 verbs irregular past participles

39 terms By deutschmachtklug Teacher

Passé composé irregulars (French 2)

25 terms By nicodelaney Teacher

French- present tense verbs/ irregular verbs

51 terms By Clara_Tipper

Unité 4: Verbs irregular -IR

8 terms By kimplamondon Teacher

irregular french verbes

67 terms By celine_erginbalmer

Irregular French Verbs: Past Participles and Imparfait Root

92 terms By anthonyteacher Teacher

Irregular french verbs er

36 terms By sbossart