Common French Irregular Verbs

15 terms by HeldtenTEACHER

French Irregular Verbs with irregular Past Participles

By HopeEvanoffTEACHER
37 terms by HopeEvanoffTEACHER

French irregular verbs infinitive

By thegrangeTEACHER
36 terms by thegrangeTEACHER

French irregular verbs

By Steven_Grenier1
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Very irregular French verbs

By shellgmckinney
13 terms by shellgmckinney

French irregular -re verbs

By Steven_Murden
36 terms by Steven_Murden

French Irregular Verbs

By jmacneil
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Irregular French Verb Meanings & Conjugations

By mrsamariTEACHER
109 terms by mrsamariTEACHER

French irregular verb conjugations

By Judith_Asman4
16 terms by Judith_Asman4

French irregular -ir verbs

By MlleHunterTEACHER
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French 5 Verbs irregular

By dare_burnett
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French Irregular Subjunctive Verbs

By vkeaty
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French Irregular Verbs

By JillianLunoe
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French 1: irregular verbs

By terri_dimon
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UNIT 1 - Irregular French Verb Definitions

By mme_gavula
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Irregular French verb conjugations

By bcilluffoTEACHER
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French irregular subjunctive verbs

By seversone
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French Irregular Verbs

By FrenchTeacher89
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FRENCH Irregular -IR Verbs

By mvignaroli
42 terms by mvignaroli

french irregular verbs

By charlottesorger
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Irregular Verbs- French

By NEFleming
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aller irregular verbs french

By ghbobert
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Irregular Subjunctive French Verbs

By kuyyek
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French conditional tense, irregular verbs

By madamenovakTEACHER
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Irregular Verbs definitions (French)

By GGtheGreat
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French Irregular Verbs

By Finian_
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Irregular French Verbs Definitions

By wthirsh
30 terms by wthirsh

irregular verbs set / BE - COME/ infinitive+french

By Trueicon
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French Irregular Futur Verbs

By sassyglo
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French Irregular Subjunctive Verbs

By moona8312
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irregular french verbs

By Liam_Lichy-Lightman
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French Irregular Verb Conjugations

By Sophia_Zimmer
33 terms by Sophia_Zimmer

irregular french verbs:

By scottmoncrieff
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French Irregular Verbs

By chloecarter108
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Irregular French Verbs

By mirandaruddhughes
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Irregular French Verbs

By wgoldberg19
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Irregular French Verbs

By tomspencerclassics
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Irregular French Verbs

By jconboy
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French Irregular Verb Conjugations

By MadameSpinelli
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French Irregular verbs

By MollyNoott
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Irregular Verbs definitions (French)

By howard_chase
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French - Irregular Present Verbs

By sam_pross
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Chapter 7 Vocabulary - French - Irregular Verbs

By http-olyvia
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Irregular French Future Verbs

By mrushing23
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French -5 Irregular Verbs

By julietteschneiderTEACHER
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French irregular verbs (present)

By kelsey_treusdell
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Irregular French verb conjugations

By powderhound2
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French Common Irregular Verbs

By carly_vause
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Irregular verbs- French 1

By oigomez13
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avoir irregular verbs french

By ghbobert
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