50 common Spanish verbs

50 terms By SenoraHarris15 Teacher

32. Spanish Verb Infinitives -- -AR -ER -IR Complete List

66 terms By janiceribeiro Teacher

Spanish Verb Infinitives -- -AR -ER -IR Complete List

83 terms By Carolina_Brumbley Teacher

Present Tense -AR/ER/IR Regular Verbs conjugation

30 terms By senoraperry Teacher

Spanish Chapter 3 Vocabulary (Verbs)

17 terms By John_Winston

Spanish 1: Vocabulary/Verbs (Chapter 3)

86 terms By Kayanna_Zamora

Spanish Vocabulary Chapter 3 Verbs

40 terms By emilykilgallen

Spanish Verbs in AR Chapter 3 Vocabulary

72 terms By SinisterAlphaWolf

Spanish Chapter 3 Verbs Vocabulary

18 terms By jordan22498

Spanish I: Chapter 3-1 vocabulary (Not Verbs)

20 terms By matthew_e_jordan

Spanish Chapter 3: Palabras 1 verb vocabulary

15 terms By Profesora_Abrams

Chapter 3 Spanish Vocabulary (ir verbs)

9 terms By lasalle182400

Chapter 3 Spanish Vocabulary (er verbs)

9 terms By lasalle182400

yo go and irregular yo form verbs

10 terms By mslim Teacher

37-Spanish: Conditional Tense Super Verbs - elkwv

24 terms By mrmartin-elkwv Teacher

NCS Spanish 1-2 Verbos (Boot Verbs)

32 terms By teri_beckner Teacher

-ER/-IR Verbs (Spanish 1)

26 terms By bourquephs Teacher

Spanish Verbs in the Preterite Tense

50 terms By senorfawcett Teacher

51 Essential Spanish Verbs

51 terms By DemonBox Teacher

126 Must-Know Spanish Verbs

126 terms By LanguageLounge Teacher

Really Important Basic Spanish Verbs

126 terms By peto Teacher

Basic Spanish verbs

48 terms By jendeloe Teacher


106 terms By dchaney Teacher

Spanish Common Verb List #1

43 terms By tomadams

Exprésate 1A Chapter 3 (Verbs)

31 terms By SenoraSeltzer Teacher


100 terms By chrisjackojackson

100 Common Spanish Verbs

100 terms By ladunklee

Mi Rutina Diaria: Reflexive Verbs

25 terms By heather_peckfelder Teacher

2nd Set of 100 Common Spanish Verbs

100 terms By Lumiens_the_Mad

Most Frequent Spanish Verbs Set 1

50 terms By Nayeli_Pena Teacher

Preterite verbs conjugations 10

18 terms By kimberlyengel Teacher

Anda Spanish 1003 Chapter 3 verbs

38 terms By mcamillehunt

Most common verbs in Spanish

294 terms By sionlanguages Teacher

Realidades 3 Chapter 3 Vocab

75 terms By Sra_Hall_DLS Teacher

Big List of Spanish Verbs VII

100 terms By lebaronrogue


42 terms By Ellie_Rogers35