Spanish Verb Infinitives -- -AR -ER -IR Complete List

83 terms By Carolina_Brumbley Teacher

Spanish Reflexive verbs

31 terms By kmcnamara40 Teacher

Spanish Verbs in AR Chapter 3 Vocabulary

72 terms By SinisterAlphaWolf

Spanish Chapter 3 Verbs Vocabulary

18 terms By jordan22498

Spanish I: Chapter 3-1 vocabulary (Not Verbs)

20 terms By matthew_e_jordan

Spanish Verb Infinitives -- -AR -ER -IR with Pictures

66 terms By M_Dickson Teacher

Basic Spanish verbs

48 terms By maria_nogueira

Spanish Vocabulary Chapter 3 Verbs

40 terms By emilykilgallen

Spanish Chapter 3 Vocabulary (Verbs)

17 terms By John_Winston

Spanish Common Verb List #1

43 terms By tomadams Teacher

Spanish Common Verb List #4

36 terms By tomadams Teacher

51 Essential Spanish Verbs

51 terms By DemonBox Teacher

Spanish common -Ar verbs

30 terms By EDBRodriguez Teacher

Chapter 3 Spanish Vocabulary (ir verbs)

9 terms By lasalle182400

Chapter 3 Spanish Vocabulary (er verbs)

9 terms By lasalle182400

Frequent Spanish Verbs

28 terms By apriljobeasley Teacher

500 top Spanish Verbs

500 terms By dfrks

Learn Spanish Verbs 1

20 terms By aemind Teacher

100 Most Common Spanish Verbs

45 terms By lopezp Teacher

Basic Spanish Verbs

23 terms By quizletsupport

Top 100 Spanish Verbs Set 1

25 terms By m8kssweetmusic

Spanish Common Verb List #2

42 terms By tomadams Teacher

100 Most Common Spanish Verbs

100 terms By lebaronrogue

! Spanish Verbs top 500+

504 terms By osogrito

SPANISH Verb: ESTAR = To be (temporary)

14 terms By teachersteph Teacher

Spanish verb conjugations

306 terms By davidbd

Most Common Spanish Verbs

62 terms By jhorvat1 Teacher

Advanced Spanish Verbs

110 terms By callen1990

Spanish Verbs

104 terms By Pecantan52

Spanish Verbs that end in -ar

47 terms By pobspanish Teacher

Vocabulary Chapter 9 VERBS only

60 terms By lonepine Teacher

150+ Most Common Spanish Verbs Part 1

33 terms By fredpearrow

Advanced Spanish Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives

100 terms By melina_loves

AP Spanish Verbs

154 terms By mbr9185

Spanish verbs 1

155 terms By harpstrings207

SPANISH Verb: Comer = to eat (present tense)

10 terms By teachersteph Teacher

Basic Spanish Verbs

85 terms By lwolfe13