Quizlet 1: French Personality Adjectives w/ IMAGES

36 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

French adjectives 1

58 terms By kaliya Teacher

U1-4 French Grammar - Adjective Agreement

67 terms By abosch Teacher

Character adjectives in French

16 terms By clasergirl Teacher

Discovering French Bleu, Unité 4, Leçon 12 (Colors, adjectives, il est/c'est)

38 terms By MadameJenks Teacher

French adjectives to describe personal appearance

13 terms By MmeBarratt Teacher

D'Accord Unit 1B Descriptive Adjectives English w/ image-French

100 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

Chapter 1 Mots 1 Adjectives Describing People

59 terms By cklibert Teacher

French adjectives to describe personality

18 terms By MmeBarratt Teacher

Adjectives for TEST on Tuesday Tricolore 4 Module 1C

59 terms By mrsdawes Teacher


42 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

Adjectives (House Vocab)

15 terms By spotsy-high-french Teacher

French 1 Ch. 4 Possessive adjectives

30 terms By GPHS-French Teacher

French adjectives - List

40 terms By frenchetc

jacobs 1 Adjective Vocabulary

36 terms By ljacobs Teacher

Discovering French Nouveau Bleu lesson 11 adjective vocab

31 terms By fayekoss Teacher

Themen 1 Chapter 4 Adjectives and Adverbs

28 terms By silviafilomena Teacher

Unit 4 French 1 Adjectives - Definitions

47 terms By abrightbill


57 terms By mmcgregor10 Teacher

Vocabulaire 3.1: Adjectives in French

40 terms By erinelynch Teacher

C3-1.Adjectives to describe someone's personality,beauty and age

22 terms By madame-nicolaou Teacher

French 1 Adjectives (BASIC)

40 terms By svanderwerken Teacher

16. French Adjectives Practice

71 terms By ccheatwd Teacher

Unit 4 French 1: Adjectives - Gender

62 terms By abrightbill

TLSOHIO SP MIN PRADO 016 - Chapter 4 (p. 44) Adjectives, Expressions

20 terms By tlsohio Teacher

Family Adjectives

7 terms By spotsy-high-french Teacher

French Adjectives: Masculine and Feminine Forms

70 terms By lmail

possessive adjectives

25 terms By heureuse

Fem/Masc Adjective Agreement

29 terms By HoelleC Teacher

D'Accord Unit 1B Descriptive Adjectives French w/ image-English

101 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

Simple French Adjectives - Placement

20 terms By MlleAbby

Quizlet 3: D'accord Unit 3A Irregular Adjectives P. 83

61 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

Chapter 3, Vocabulary 1 - Adjective Placement

24 terms By joshtmeadows

Unit 1 adjectives

22 terms By beardchr Teacher

French 1: Adjectives

53 terms By svanderwerken Teacher

Basic French Adjectives

50 terms By mocurran5 Teacher

Adjectives for French One

23 terms By MVUFrench Teacher


35 terms By pellew Teacher

French Descriptive Adjectives D'accord Leçon 3A

49 terms By bluerosestain

[Chinese II] Unit 4, Lesson 1 (Adjectives and Body Parts)

30 terms By mechanic21

D'accord Unit 1B Cognate Descriptive Adjectives & Adjectives of Nationalities-Pgs 26-27

60 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

French 1 Chapter 3 grammar 1 (adjective agreement)

38 terms By dberndtmrhs Teacher

Unité 4 Leçon 12 p. 175 BAGS adjectives

18 terms By MlleKowalski Teacher

BV1 Ch1 adjectives

18 terms By CSHS-French Teacher

French 1 Ch. 7 Adjectives

43 terms By GPHS-French Teacher

Adjectives Chapter 4 שמות תואר יחידה

14 terms By atsanit Teacher

Promenades 3A - adjectives

36 terms By MadameHoman Teacher

Chapter 4: Expressions/ verbs and adjectives

87 terms By Cjplee

French 1 - Les couleurs (with Adjective Agreement)

31 terms By umemoto Teacher

Possessive adjectives (possessive determiners)

18 terms By profdefranC