Quizlet 1: French Personality Adjectives w/ IMAGES

36 terms by MmeThomasTEACHER

Character adjectives in French

By clasergirlTEACHER
16 terms by clasergirlTEACHER

U1-4 French Grammar - Adjective Agreement

By aboschTEACHER
67 terms by aboschTEACHER

Discovering French Bleu, Unité 4, Leçon 11 (Adjectives)

By MadameJenksTEACHER
32 terms by MadameJenksTEACHER

Discovering French Bleu, Unité 4, Leçon 12 (Colors, adjectives, il est/c'est)

By MadameJenksTEACHER
38 terms by MadameJenksTEACHER

D'Accord Unit 1B Descriptive Adjectives English w/ image-French

100 terms by MmeThomasTEACHER

D'Accord Unit 1B Descriptive Adjectives French w/ image-English

101 terms by MmeThomasTEACHER

Discovering French Bleu, Unité 4, Leçon 11A (Adjectives)

By MadameJenksTEACHER
19 terms by MadameJenksTEACHER

French adjectives to describe personality

By MmeBarrattTEACHER
18 terms by MmeBarrattTEACHER

French adjectives to describe personal appearance

By MmeBarrattTEACHER
13 terms by MmeBarrattTEACHER

French adjectives 1

By kaliyaTEACHER
58 terms by kaliyaTEACHER

French 2 adjectives

By juliegaffneyTEACHER
70 terms by juliegaffneyTEACHER

French 1 Ch. 4 Possessive adjectives

30 terms by GPHS-FrenchTEACHER

Simple French Adjectives - Placement

By MlleAbby
20 terms by MlleAbby

Unit 4 French 1 Adjectives - Definitions

By abrightbill
47 terms by abrightbill

Unit 4 French 1: Adjectives - Gender

By abrightbill
62 terms by abrightbill

jacobs 1 Adjective Vocabulary

By ljacobsTEACHER
36 terms by ljacobsTEACHER

[Chinese II] Unit 4, Lesson 1 (Adjectives and Body Parts)

By mechanic21TEACHER
30 terms by mechanic21TEACHER

Themen 1 Chapter 4 Adjectives and Adverbs

By silviafilomenaTEACHER
28 terms by silviafilomenaTEACHER

French 1 Adjectives (BASIC)

By svanderwerkenTEACHER
40 terms by svanderwerkenTEACHER

French 3 - Chapter 4 - Adjectives

By earseneaultTEACHER
9 terms by earseneaultTEACHER

2. French Adjectives Practice

By ccheatwdTEACHER
71 terms by ccheatwdTEACHER

TLSOHIO SP MIN PRADO 016 - Chapter 4 (p. 44) Adjectives, Expressions

By tlsohioTEACHER
20 terms by tlsohioTEACHER

Adjective agreement French

20 terms by GrOConnorTEACHER

French 1 Chapter 3 grammar 1 (adjective agreement)

By dberndtmrhsTEACHER
38 terms by dberndtmrhsTEACHER

French Possessive Adjectives Practice

By kat127TEACHER
17 terms by kat127TEACHER

French--Possessive Adjectives

By patricia1055
118 terms by patricia1055

French 1 Adjectives

By GardenovTEACHER
51 terms by GardenovTEACHER

French Posessive Adjectives

28 terms by StHenriTEACHER

Grammar Practice 1: Adjective agreement

By supermaestraTEACHER
23 terms by supermaestraTEACHER

French 1 Ch. 7 Adjectives

43 terms by GPHS-FrenchTEACHER

French 1: Adjectives

By svanderwerkenTEACHER
53 terms by svanderwerkenTEACHER

Bien Dit French Adjectives w/ IMAGES

By azilchTEACHER
32 terms by azilchTEACHER

LNM Vocabulary - Chapters 1-4 (Cumulative) - ADJECTIVES

By dominadeckerTEACHER
7 terms by dominadeckerTEACHER

Adjective: French 1

By svanderwerkenTEACHER
67 terms by svanderwerkenTEACHER

grammaire Possessive Adjectives French

By professeuroliveTEACHER
18 terms by professeuroliveTEACHER

French 1 Adjectives, page 1

By MadameBlancheTEACHER
37 terms by MadameBlancheTEACHER

More Descriptive Adjectives (French 1 Unit 3A)

By mlope
34 terms by mlope

LEAF L2 RV Chapter 4 Verbs, Adjectives and Verbs

By Jason_TooleTEACHER
12 terms by Jason_TooleTEACHER

BV1 Ch1 adjectives

18 terms by CSHS-FrenchTEACHER

Bon Voyage - Chapitre 4 Structure (Irregular Adjectives)

By westersTEACHER
35 terms by westersTEACHER

French adjectives - List

By frenchetc
40 terms by frenchetc

French adjectives of personality

30 terms by Fitz-PTEACHER

French adjectives

By Yirdaw_Anteneh4TEACHER
30 terms by Yirdaw_Anteneh4TEACHER

French 1 Adjectives, page 2

By MadameBlancheTEACHER
37 terms by MadameBlancheTEACHER

French 1 Adjectives

By Christy_ScudderTEACHER
30 terms by Christy_ScudderTEACHER

French 1 Adjectives

By marthathompsonTEACHER
29 terms by marthathompsonTEACHER