Vocabulary: English / Spanish Adjectives

4 terms By holdentutoring

#12 Spanish Adjectives

19 terms By mrsbernard Teacher

Spanish Adjectives for People (English - Spanish)

135 terms By Kathleen_Ritter Teacher

Adjetivos/Emociones de Español (Spanish Adjectives/Emotions)

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Home Vocabulary English / Spanish

96 terms By HarveyESL Teacher

Uninorte - R&W Level 5, Unit 1 Vocabulary - English/Spanish

11 terms By mropicki Teacher

Uninorte - Level 5, R&W Unit 3 Vocabulary - English/Spanish

11 terms By mropicki Teacher

Uninorte - Level 2, R&W Unit 7 Vocabulary - English/Spanish

11 terms By mropicki Teacher

Spanish Adjectives to Describe People (English - Spanish)

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Spanish Adjectives

18 terms By mwoznicki

Various Medical Phrases/Vocabulary English-Spanish

105 terms By johanna-valle Teacher

Uninorte - Level 5, R&W Unit 5 Vocabulary - English/Spanish

12 terms By mropicki Teacher

120 Spanish Adjectives

116 terms By furkanhaney

Spanish Adjectives I

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Ch. 1A-Vocabulary (English-Spanish)

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Luke Goes to Bat Vocabulary - English/Spanish

10 terms By dominguezlorie Teacher

Duolingo Spanish Adjectives 1

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Spanish Adjectives C

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Ch. 1B-Vocabulary (English-Spanish

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Spanish Adjectives A

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Ch. 2A-Vocabulary (English-Spanish)

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Ch. 3A-Vocabulary (English-Spanish)

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Spanish Adjectives

48 terms By DanielMurashov

Spanish Adjectives F

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Ch. 4A-Vocabulary (English-Spanish)

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English/Spanish Adjectives

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1020 UNIT 14 - Comparative Adjectives (English/Spanish)

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Spanish Adjectives E

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Ch. 2B - vocabulary (English-Spanish)

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Ch. 3B-Vocabulary (English-Spanish)

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Ch. 5B Vocabulary (English-Spanish)

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English/Spanish Adjective Set

30 terms By MsTeichman

Ch. 5A Vocabulary (English-Spanish)

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Ecology Vocabulary - English - Español

11 terms By johncavazos Teacher

Uninorte - Level 2, R&W Unit 10 Vocabulary - English/Spanish

14 terms By mropicki Teacher

Possessive Adjectives English/Spanish

14 terms By John_Ladouceur Teacher

¿De verdad? Quizlet 3: Spanish Adjectives to English

85 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

Spanish Adjectives B

8 terms By mistercharlie

Spanish Adjectives

42 terms By AlecHarmon2

Daily Routine/Reflexive Verbs Vocabulary (English-Spanish)

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Basic Spanish Adjectives

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Spanish Adjectives 2A1 without English translations

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Adjectives, English-Spanish

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Spanish Adjectives

18 terms By SraHolt2 Teacher

2. Common mistakes made by English Spanish students.

14 terms By alvarobernal Teacher

English-Spanish Social Studies (estudios Sociales) Vocabulary - Pt. 1

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Spanish Adjectives 2

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English/Spanish Math Vocabulary

17 terms By LanguageAdventure Teacher

Spanish Adjectives

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Ch. 4B Vocabulary (English-Spanish)

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