faire expressions French 3

By BarbaraJeanHuff1965TEACHER
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french faire #3

By goldsmith-j
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French "faire" Vocabulary

By Joshua_Mutyabi
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NCHS, French II: L3 - faire and expressions with faire

By NCHSSchnabeltierTEACHER
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French 3 - Faire Refresher

By andrezfz
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French Faire Vocabulary

By mckenna0917
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By nikkiapmonson
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Faire Expressions French 3

By mar_miller1373
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French 3 Avoir/Faire

By silverbird125
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French 3 - FAIRE

By KatIzAsian
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french 3 faire les course

By michaeline_tunman
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French Vocabulary - Faire

By MorganNewell2019
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Faire Expressions - French 3

By LeiliT
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Faire Expressions for French 3

By Katrina_Washburn
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french 3 idioms (faire)

By thegeeg113
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French 3- Faire Expressions

By iwolfsdorf
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French 2 Unit 3 Faire expressions

By mclermontTEACHER
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French Vocabulary: FAIRE- TO DO

By ConstanceCampbell1
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French lesson 3 faire

By asaadnortina
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French lesson 3 (faire)

By mpberger
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French Vocabulary - Faire

By DrakeSix
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French 2, L3, avoir & faire expressions

32 terms by kothcTEACHER

French Vocabulary (faire)

By mary_cooper36
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French 2 Lesson 3: FAIRE

By MlleWin
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French "faire" Vocabulary

By amblerelise
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French vocabulary faire

By ggirl45
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French vocabulary faire

By arsenydolgoff
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French "faire" vocabulary

By abby_simmons3
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french vocabulary faire and jouer

By lexikoczwara
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French vocabulary for faire

By jainiecakes
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French Vocabulary: FAIRE- TO DO

By ConstanceCampbell1
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French vocabulary and faire expressions

By Cody_Cullens
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French Faire Verb Vocabulary

By Jess109533
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French 2 - Lecon 3 - Avoir et Faire

39 terms by SarahNWadeTEACHER

French Vocabulary faire and aller

By Cash-1
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French Final Vocabulary (faire)

By hbelfie
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French Vocabulary- Expressions Avec Faire

By quizlette8582825
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French 3: Faire Sa Toilette

By evsalewski
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french 3: expressions with faire

By gennakk
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French 3 Rappel 2: Faire expressions + forms

By MlleWin
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French 3 1B expressions with faire

By hunanc
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French 3/4 (even) "Faire" + expressions

By leesawright
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French Chapter Five Vocabulary: Faire

By calliephelps
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French 3 - Expressions With Faire

By amandamoussiaux
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French 3 Avoir/ Faire Expressions

By kdecoursey22
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Discovering French Unit 1 Lesson 3 Faire

By lathropc
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faire, mme reeds french 3

By katherine_sarafianos
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French Lecture 3 Avior and Faire

By NickBellavance
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French Vocabulary - Expressions with faire

By Bok_the_original
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French 3-Faire and Avoir Expressions

By sburge18
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