At the airport Vocabulary - Japanese -

10 terms By littlejapan Teacher

Japanese Travel Vocabulary for J.M.

98 terms By turkeymoto Teacher

At the airport Vocabulary - Japanese - (Romanized)

10 terms By littlejapan Teacher

Japanese travel

39 terms By nancsolo

Japanese- Travel & Transportation

36 terms By alliemixitup

japanese travel vocab

24 terms By mvjapanese3

Year 12 Japanese - Travel Vocab mash

42 terms By kallingham

Running Vocabulary (Japanese --> English)

62 terms By smink63 Teacher

Japanese - Travel

46 terms By b-jones

Japanese - Travel

46 terms By MmeMount Teacher

Japanese Travel Words

20 terms By MissMansfield

Japanese Travel and Directions Vocabulary and Phrases

16 terms By rmfullam

Japanese - Travel

35 terms By eb_vony

Japanese Travel Kanji 1+2

39 terms By PeteAnas

japanese travel and money

39 terms By georgiac9

Japanese Travel

23 terms By takedasensei

Japanese Travel

45 terms By trina54321

Vocab List #2- Japanese Travel

51 terms By PeteAnas

Japanese Travel Vocab List #1

29 terms By PeteAnas

Japanese Travel- Vocab List #3

54 terms By PeteAnas

Japanese Travel

75 terms By freyabliss93

Japanese Travel Vocab

27 terms By banasusan

Japanese travel

18 terms By ichorley

Japanese Travelling + Directions

51 terms By rennieso

Advanced Japanese Travel Vocab

32 terms By louisahale

Japanese Travel Questions

32 terms By trina54321

Japanese travel

23 terms By eboob

Japanese: Travel

116 terms By Melanie_DeJong

Japanese; Travel SAC (Vocabulary)

8 terms By gabriellenorth2

Japanese - Travel

22 terms By Laerwen

Japanese Travel

50 terms By meaghanoo

Japanese Travel

3 terms By deceptivelyblonde

Japanese Travel Language

10 terms By kurashosensei

japanese travel unit

23 terms By Erin_Heinz

Japanese travel vocab

27 terms By Pamonoe

Japanese - Travel

98 terms By patrick_shaughnessy

japanese travel / directions

33 terms By nancsolo

Japanese travel nouns

30 terms By Whitneyport

MASSIVE Vocabulary... Japanese 1

246 terms By Colpan Teacher

AP Japanese - Traveling in Japan Kanji

90 terms By watsonsensei

IB Japanese - Travel

82 terms By yokawa

Beginning Japanese - Travel Survival

103 terms By estariol

Japanese Travel Kanji List 3+4

31 terms By PeteAnas

7-8 Japanese - Traveling in Japan Kanji

49 terms By watsonsensei

japanese travel

15 terms By arielmmartin

Vocabulary Japanese for busy people 2 L4

67 terms By MatZan

Japanese travel verbs

21 terms By Whitneyport

japanese travel

19 terms By limeyrain

Some TPRS Vocabulary Japanese 1 November

39 terms By CliffDarnall Teacher

Japanese traveling words

69 terms By carlovmori