English vocabulary lists (korean)

By takegod
17 terms by takegod

Basic vowel vocabulary Korean - English

By FernandelleTEACHER
8 terms by FernandelleTEACHER

Vocabulary (English-korean

By soeun_park3
50 terms by soeun_park3

English Vocabulary- Korean

By Sungeun_Hong
20 terms by Sungeun_Hong

English in Korean (vocabulary)

By jinwook_bae
44 terms by jinwook_bae

Vocabulary English Final (korean)

By adaryuryu
39 terms by adaryuryu

Vocabulary English Final (korean)

By YeWon031226
39 terms by YeWon031226

Family Vocabulary (English-Korean)

By Barney_Lavin
19 terms by Barney_Lavin

Final Vocabulary_English_Korean

By OhRyun_Shin
42 terms by OhRyun_Shin

[korean] vocabulary (a) : hangul - english

By awhwhales
25 terms by awhwhales

Emergency Words Korean and English

By Laura_Stephenson5
23 terms by Laura_Stephenson5


By iandmyhand
160 terms by iandmyhand

[korean] vocabulary (a) : romanization - english

By awhwhales
25 terms by awhwhales

Korean English

By charleshunk
1,245 terms by charleshunk

Vocabulary 1 (English-Korean Translations)

By sapphire__wave
71 terms by sapphire__wave

Korean English Ordering Food

By Laura_Stephenson5
14 terms by Laura_Stephenson5

Health Concerns (Korean-English)

By AngelMizukiLuv
10 terms by AngelMizukiLuv

Prepositions of Place Korean English

By Laura_Stephenson5
8 terms by Laura_Stephenson5

In the Classroom (Korean-English)

By AngelMizukiLuv
59 terms by AngelMizukiLuv

Korean Parts of Speech Korean English

By Laura_Stephenson5
9 terms by Laura_Stephenson5

Verbs (Korean & English)

By AngelMizukiLuv
25 terms by AngelMizukiLuv

Buildings & Places (English & Korean)

By AngelMizukiLuv
45 terms by AngelMizukiLuv

korean to english

By Samantha_Mangelo
28 terms by Samantha_Mangelo

718 Korean Vocabulary List - Hangul to English

741 terms by GOPLEX

718 Korean Vocabulary List - Hanja to English

678 terms by GOPLEX

Physic Vocabulary - English/Korean JW

By StudentX346
25 terms by StudentX346


By kispearlTEACHER
31 terms by kispearlTEACHER

Academic Vocabulary 1 (English-Korean Translations)

By sapphire__wave
101 terms by sapphire__wave

TOEFL VOCA 44 (English-Korean)

By kispearlTEACHER
30 terms by kispearlTEACHER

Vocabulary_English-Test 2_Korean

By OhRyun_Shin
30 terms by OhRyun_Shin

English to korean

By david_rose70
13 terms by david_rose70

Techniques - Korean to English

By Masterlewis
30 terms by Masterlewis

Second Grade Lesson 8 vocabulary English-Korean

By geg2001
16 terms by geg2001


By maithao151
641 terms by maithao151

Korean to English

By cherubguy
15 terms by cherubguy

Second Grades Lesson 8 vocabulary Korean-English

By geg2001
16 terms by geg2001

Korean Vocabulary

By Kaitlyn_Erehart
135 terms by Kaitlyn_Erehart

English to Korean 50 simple words

By Education-Faucet
49 terms by Education-Faucet

LC Chapter 9 Vocabulary (English-Korean)

By ChrisAntonette
24 terms by ChrisAntonette


By ChrisAntonette
24 terms by ChrisAntonette

Korean Vocabulary

By ljcarr
20 terms by ljcarr

English to Korean

By yongmin_kim
53 terms by yongmin_kim

Korean Vocabulary

By marcela_sanabria
20 terms by marcela_sanabria

Korean Vocabulary

By melyy7
41 terms by melyy7

Korean Vocabulary

By hanzheng2222
348 terms by hanzheng2222

Korean Vocabulary

By tiffanyg17
348 terms by tiffanyg17

English to Korean Verb

By VikiVendi
140 terms by VikiVendi

Korean Vocabulary

By Fred_Lee9
138 terms by Fred_Lee9