Common French Travel Phrases

60 terms By carpe_linguam Teacher

Set I : French Travel Phrases w/Pronunciations

25 terms By jskochko

Travel Phrases, French, Italian, Spanish

15 terms By sherrill_sturm

Helpful travel phrases in French.

15 terms By alwddd Teacher

Russian Travel Phrases

43 terms By kjh060672

Spanish Vocabulary ~ Travel

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French travel phrases

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French Vocabulary (travel, directions, places)

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French Travel Phrases

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Set I : French Travel Phrases w/Pronunciations

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Travel Phrases / Vocabulary (GERMAN)

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French Lesson 14 Vocabulary (Travel & Hotels) Mme. Orsini Pd. 7

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Crucial French Travel Phrases

13 terms By Auerbach_abby

French Travel Phrases

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Basic Phrases/French

56 terms By MrsVilla

French Vocabulary - Travel

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French Travel Phrases 2

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French Vocabulary (Travel/Activities)

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French travel phrases

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Travel Words and Phrases French Translations

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French Vocabulary Travel

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Extra Travel Phrases

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Travel Phrases

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French Vocabulary (Travel)

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French Vocabulary- Traveling

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French Chapter 7 Vocabulary (travel)

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French 1 Vocabulary: Travel and Sightseeing 27-B

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U8 French Vocab - Vacation, Travel & Camping

45 terms By abosch Teacher

AQA GCSE French Student Guide P 30 Additional Vocabulary Travel, Transport & Finding the Way

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French STAMP test 4 Vocabulary Travel/ Vacations

20 terms By colemilburn

Travel Phrases

4 terms By memyselfandl

Basic vocabulary - travel

35 terms By lhsvcefre

HCACP GCSE French reading and listening vocabulary travel

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French 1 Vocabulary: Travel and Sightseeing 27-A

15 terms By NaomiSchlegel

French 2 Unit 5 Part 1 Vocabulary - Traveling

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French Vocabulary - Travel

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Travel Phrases / Vocabulary (GERMAN)

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French vocabulary (Travel)

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Chapitre 9: Traveling Vocabulary

90 terms By alain_lescart Teacher

French 1 unit1 lesson1

46 terms By MmeSalamon Teacher

Common French Phrases when traveling

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Peter's French Phrases

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Travel and Tourism

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Basic French Phrases-1

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Travel and holiday vocabulary

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RAWL GCSE French reading and listening vocabulary travel

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Discovering French Rouge, Unit 5 (Part 2)

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Japanese Travel Vocabulary for J.M.

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Traveling Vocabulary

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Discovering French nouveau! Unit 3 Lesson 5

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