Vocabulary and Spelling

By TomTom202
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Vocabulary/ Spelling

By KenniskdTEACHER
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Spelling/vocabulary Week 6

By KimSouder
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Spelling Vocabulary

By nickieruss
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By Wooliewolf1
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vocabulary /spelling

By Diana_Rivas-Perez
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By Daniel_Barron7
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By elyssa-guzman
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By Emily_Sichley
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spelling and vocabulary

By A203543
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spelling and vocabulary

By A203543
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By w67impala
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By pwbennettm
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By PamelaRadler
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By connie_wright
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By Lalonie_Jones
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By Joshua_Valenzuela2
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Spelling & Vocabulary Test #8

By serfossc
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Spelling vocabulary

By Annemarie101
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Spelling/Vocabulary Week 12

By KimSouder
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Spelling/Vocabulary Week 7

By KimSouder
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spelling regular past tense verbs

By rouncekxTEACHER
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Spelling Y4 - adjectives and verbs into nouns

By Tracey_Sielouvari
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Thai verbs spelling

By dallasaduhe
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Vocabulary/Spelling Week 2

By heathl509
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PRET (Verbs with spelling changes)

By Adan_Ayala7
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Spelling List 1 Vocabulary

By MrsFletcher25
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Spelling/Vocabulary Week 4

By KimSouder
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Ch 3 Verbs: Present-Tense Spelling Changes

33 terms by SenoraLong_MTHSTEACHER

Spelling and Vocabulary List 3

By serfossc
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Irregular verbs with spelling changes

By lily1307
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Unit 3 Spelling Vocabulary Words

By deannaottenTEACHER
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-er verbs with spelling changes

By marcetspahr
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Spelling Vocabulary Week 11

By KimSouder
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Verb Spelling Words

By NightStar07734
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Spelling/Vocabulary Week 9

By KimSouder
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Spelling/Vocabulary Week 17

By KimSouder
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Verb spelling words

By channingstall
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spelling vocabulary 1

By Nathalie_Molina2
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Spelling & Vocabulary Test 6

By serfossc
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Spelling-change verbs

By Kachel
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Spelling / vocabulary

By Tia_t6
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Spelling/Vocabulary Week 5

By KimSouder
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Spelling and Vocabulary Week 8

By KimSouder
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Spelling Vocabulary

By Whitney_Watkins9
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By Emmiraegan03
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Common spelling-change Preterite verbs

By teamroth
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French: Verbs with Spelling Changes

By mrsamariTEACHER
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