Le present (vouloir)

By oliviaoneill123
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vouloir (present)

By lucasreynolds91
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present vouloir

By Valeria261
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Vouloir (present)

By Austintatious45922
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Present de Vouloir and ****

By David_Olivera
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Vouloir présent

By manuelaa2001
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Vouloir = to want (present)

10 terms by Mr-RemyTEACHER

VOULOIR. present tense

By madame-nicolaouTEACHER
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Present - pouvoir, vouloir

By MlleRussell
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Le présent - vouloir (want)

By CDroulez
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Vouloir present tense

By jguilbaud
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vouloir - présent

By Bieri
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pouvoir, vouloir (present tense)

By Mme101
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Vouloir present tense

By kwoollums
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Vouloir - Present Subjunctive

By ndaihl
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Vouloir - Present Tense

By MmeWrattenTEACHER
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Vouloir - present tense

By mcmfrench2015
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vouloir au présent

By madamefrancaise
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Present verbe vouloir

By Amparo_Aparisi
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vouloir, pouvoir au present

By MissBertholleTEACHER
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Vouloir (to want - present tense)

By Ms_Robert_French
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Vouloir Present Tense Conjugation

By collinsg1
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Pouvoir - Vouloir in the present tense

By BGSFrenchDept
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VOULOIR au présent

By Frances-facilTEACHER
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Vouloir (to want) in present tense

By Nelly_CarrieTEACHER
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Vouloir Present Tense Conjugations

By HappyGary
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Vouloir - To want - Present Tense

By MmeMounib
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Vouloir Present Tense

By Isabel_Hernandez869
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Present tense of Vouloir

By BethanyDonn3
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Present Group 2: Vouloir

By CharlotteGeng15
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Present Group 2: Vouloir

By CharlotteGeng3
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French vouloir (present tense)

By Ema238
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Vouloir - Present Tense

By franca_lingua
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French Verbs Present- Vouloir

By abby44winner
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Devoir/Vouloir/Pouvoir Present

By c_nelson98
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Present tense of Vouloir

By charlowen
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Devoir Vouloir Pouvoir Present

By Sneihau
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Vouloir - present tense

By Isabelle_quiz
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vouloir to want present

By jgleisenring
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Vouloir, Pouvoir, Devoir (Present)

By abbeytward
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vouloir - present tense - want/wish

By MissHau
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Vouloir: Present Tense

By GreeVJ
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vouloir au Présent

By Sybille_Roger
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Pouvoir, Vouloir, Devoir - PRESENT

By Harry_Futcher
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Pouvoir, Devoir, Vouloir (Present

By maddiebah07
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Vouloir Present Tense

By cursedpens
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Vouloir (Present + Conditional)

By nikicalderon
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Vouloir in Present & Past Tense

By Tyler_Meiguez
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vouloir - to want - French present tense

By frenchetc
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Vouloir Present, Perfect and Future

By ciarasmith2001
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