Vouloir (want)

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Vouloir (want)

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vouloir (want)

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vouloir =want to

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Vouloir (want)

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vouloir (want)

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vouloir - want

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Vouloir - want

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Vouloir : want

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Vouloir- want

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vouloir - want

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Vouloir / Want

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Vouloir- want

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Vouloir (Want)

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Vouloir (want)

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Vouloir (want)

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Vouloir - want

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Vouloir/ Want

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vouloir- want

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vouloir- want to

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vouloir- want

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Verbs - Vouloir/want

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Vouloir = want to

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vouloir(want to)

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French II 1 Vouloir (want)

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Conjugation of vouloir ( want)

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Imparfait Vouloir = wanted

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P.C. Vouloir = wanted

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le verbe VOULOIR *want to, hope to, desire to* (la volonté)

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Verbe Pouvoir (can, to be able)/ Vouloir (want)

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Conjugations of vouloir/want (pt.1 of ch.6)

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vouloir = want

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Vouloir / Want

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Vouloir - want to

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Bien1 Ch6-1: vouloir w/foods

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vouloir/to want

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Term 2a: Vouloir and Pouvoir- to want and to be able to

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Verbe VOULOIR - To want

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Vouloir-To want Pouvoir-To be able Devoir-To have to

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DEVOIR - POUVOIR - VOULOIR (must, can, want - modal verbs) - present indicative

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Vouloir = to want

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Vouloir = to want (present)

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Basic irregular verbs VOULOIR TO WANT TO

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vouloir= to want

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Vouloir - to want to

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Vouloir / to want

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