Einkaufen - was 2

8 terms By frauyuker Teacher

World Was 2

43 terms By Francissss

Sonst noch was 2

22 terms By angeitation

Vocab was 2

20 terms By Cookieisabeast

Vocab Lesson 1 (other was 2)

15 terms By cds134

worl was 2 accsess 18

5 terms By halrendys

Post World Was 2

10 terms By rmartinez1717

WAS 2/19/14

8 terms By Joseph_Chieng

How History REALLY Was 2

5 terms By jaymiemazewski

Easy German 4 - Was machst du hier?

25 terms By mrbooe Teacher

Was ich in der Schule mache! (2)

12 terms By Christy_Charlton Teacher

1-2 Was machst du gern?

20 terms By MrsRenz218 Teacher

"Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.?"

12 terms By rouncekx Teacher

Was ist in der Schule los?

23 terms By CorneliaGonzalez Teacher

Vocab 2- Was machst du gern?

17 terms By Frau_Tchantcho Teacher

Was machst du gern?

20 terms By rosgreen Teacher

That Was Then Vocabulary 9th

21 terms By dpizzi Teacher

Was ist das? Das ist ein(e)...

25 terms By fraubuitrago Teacher

Was möchtest du essen?

7 terms By fraupalmer Teacher

Lueck RHS Deutsch Eins Was machst du gern?

13 terms By tammy41672 Teacher

Was kann man in der Stadt tun?

22 terms By kctaurus Teacher

Unit 2 Was ist dein Lieblingsfach?

30 terms By Jane_Townsend Teacher

there was / there were + quantifiers

100 terms By profzara Teacher

was ziehen wir an?

10 terms By Mutabor Teacher

Was kann dein Haustier?

10 terms By NPolke Teacher

3.1 Was machst du am Wochenende?

21 terms By lunner01 Teacher

That Was Then, This Is Now Vocab

20 terms By jraissle Teacher

Was können die Tiere?

6 terms By fraupatterson Teacher

Was hast du am Wochenende/gestern Abend gemacht?

14 terms By proutsuz Teacher

WAS WERE - Was Albert a singer?

10 terms By profzara Teacher

When was Natalie born?

30 terms By profzara Teacher

Easy German 8 - Was machen Sie hier?

20 terms By mrbooe Teacher

Was machst du mit deinem Handy?

15 terms By proutsuz Teacher

When Food was Filthy

4 terms By erandall67 Teacher

1.2 Thema 10: Hoe was de vakantie?

13 terms By NT2-CVO Teacher

Was kann man hier machen?

10 terms By Pirjo_Holm Teacher

Music Was sagt der Fuchs? by Ylvis 2

28 terms By TheGermanLanguageSchool Teacher

That was Then, This is Now - Chapter 2

5 terms By mvanderl Teacher

Chapter 4 - The Glory That Was Greece (section #4)

10 terms By choward1234 Teacher

Mode - Was ist sind das?

13 terms By Frauduncan Teacher